Escursioni a Varna / Black Sea Resorts - Home cooked Varna
Escursioni a Varna / Black Sea Resorts: Sit down with a local family and enjoy a home cooked meal in Varna, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Taste authentic Balkan cuisine, influenced by Asian, Mediterranean, and Eastern European culinary traditions — and 100% delicious! Bulgarians tend to take their meals leisurely with lots of chitchat, so expect plenty of conversation served up with your food!
Get to know a local family in the best way possible: by being invited into their home for a meal!
Your Varna tour takes you to the home of Deyan and Denitsa, a tour guide and journalist who can provide you with rich insight into Bulgarian culture and traditions. Deyan will escort you from the meeting point to his home, either on foot or by bike — your choice! (Note that if you choose to travel by bicycle, please let Urban Adventures know when you make your booking. ) In addition to offering up great conversation, you’re guaranteed good food, too — Deyan used to operate a local seafood restaurant, Ribski, which was well respected in the community.
Your Home Cooked tour will reflect the deep rural traditions as well as the recent trends and flavors of Bulgaria. Expect traditional salads like shopska, zelena, or turshiya, with a bit of rakiya as a starter. If you like soups, we’ll recommend shkembe, ribena chorba, tarator, or vareno. There’s a bona fide fish expert in the family, so if fish is your preference, you can try traditional fish dishes, simply garnished and delicious.
You’ll be treated to recipes passed down over generations, including tasty banitsa, a salty pastry. Expect at least 3 kinds of yogurt — yogurt’s a staple in Bulgaria and is said to be some of the best in the world. If you are a wine lover, your host family will help you to choose a bottle of quality Bulgarian wine and route that will pair well with the regional dishes.
Note: This experience is real. Our families come from all walks of life. Some are probably very similar to you and some are from poor or rural backgrounds. We encourage you to check out our photos of the Kateliev family to make sure your expectations are correctly set about the family you will be sharing a meal with and where they live. The beauty is that everyone involved in our Home Cooked series is a wonderful person who wants to meet travelers and share this experience with them.
Taste authentic home cooked Bulgarian cuisine
Spend time with a local family and learn about life on the Black Sea Coast
Go for a cycle or walk and explore a local community
Test your cooking skills and help to prepare traditional Bulgarian dishes
Sample true Bulgarian yogurt — said by some to be the best yogurt in the world!
Duration: 3.5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 2pm and 5.30pm.
Languages: English.

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