Escursioni a Swakopmund - Boat cruise in Walvis Bay
Escursioni a Swakopmund: This four hour boat cruise in the lagoon of Walvis Bay will put you into another world. Pelicans and flamingos might be spotted regularly, dolphins and seals swim alongside the boat, with the possibility of one or two seals jumping into the boat to be fed. At the end of the cruise snacks, oysters and champagne will be served in the lagoon.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Levo Location Near the Harbour
Duration: Around 4 hours
Start or opening time: 08:30 hours
End or closing time: 12:30 hours
Languages: English

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Catamaran cruise in Walvis Bay
Escursioni a Swakopmund: Enjoy a relaxing sailing excursion aboard the catamaran ''Fair-weather 1'' and ''Manatee'' moored at the Walvis Bay Yacht Club. Designed specifically for charter and cruising work, they provide both stability and comfort ensuring that you enjoy your time aboard. The boats can carry up to 18 passengers on the Fair-weather, and 27 passengers on the Manatee. Once on board we set sail for the Pelican Point, where the large Seal Colonies, Birds as well as the playful heavy side and Bottlenose Dolphins entertain you. We also sail past the Oyster Farms, the Walvis Bay harbour as well as the Flamingo Lagoons. The trip is rounded off with fresh oysters, snacks and sparkling wine, which are all served on board. The cruise is weather permitting.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Walvisbay-Jetty at the Yacht Club
Duration: Around 4 hours
Start or opening time: 08:30 hours
End or closing time: 12:30 hours
Languages: English

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Half Day Swakopmund Township Tour
Escursioni a Swakopmund: This tour offers a fascinating and authentic connection to the characterful community of Mondesa, located just outside of Swakopmund, in the company of a knowledgeable and entertaining guide.
Drive out to Mondesa Township and enjoy a brief history of the township, which was established in the early 1950s to provide housing for Black people working in Swakopmund. Stroll down the bustling OB Street and get a fascinating glimpse into a typical Namibian township with the opportunity to chat to local residents and view typical homes and schools. Stop off at a small home craft market with different artists’ crafts on offer.
Drive through to DRC (Democratic Resettlement Community) where we explain the housing projects and how the Swakopmund Municipality is improving the area with money allocated by the government and with local projects and initiatives. This is an informal settlement which was supposed to be temporary but has now become a permanent area for people who cannot afford to buy a house. We visit a traditional Nama herbalist who shares her knowledge of the Nama culture and herbal medicines. Take a short drive to visit a Herero lady who discusses her dress and Herero culture (afternoon and weekend tours only).
Enjoy drinks at a “shebeen” (African bar / informal drinking place in a township) where you have the chance to socialise with the locals in a relaxed and informal setting, the way they would. Indulge in some unusual, yet typical African delicacies at a local restaurant, including Ondjuhwa (barbeque chicken), Omagungu (mopane worms), Mahangu Porridge (millet), Omakunde (beans), Oofukwa (ground nuts) and Onyandi, Oombe and Ondunga (wild fruits and berries). Head back to Swakopmund Town where the tour ends on arrival.
Meeting/pick-up point: Complimentary pick up and drop off available from central Swakopmund hotels.
Duration: 4 hours.
Start/opening time: 10am, 3pm.
-End/closing time: 2pm, 7pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Minimum 2 guests.

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Kayaking with transfer
Escursioni a Swakopmund: You are taken on a scenic drive to Pelican Point, its lighthouse and windblown beauty, from where you go kayaking with playful seals, dolphins and other magical sea creatures. A stop will be made for coffee or tea and informative session on the surrounding environment. Following the paddle, refreshments will be enjoyed on the beach prior to departure for Walvis Bay.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre
Duration: Around 5-6 hours
Start or opening time: At 07:30 h
End or closing time: At 13:30 h
Languages: English
Others: Light lunch and beverages included.

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Living Desert (half day tour)
Escursioni a Swakopmund: A unique 4x4 adventure, which specialises in bringing the desert to life while sharing the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert with travellers from all over the world. The coastal dune belt may seem barren and lifeless, but in fact it is alive with a fascinating variety of little desert adapted animals. Come and experience this unique life!
Meeting/ Pick up point: Pick up at the customers' hotel
Duration: Around 5 hours
Start or opening time: 08:00 am
End or closing time: 01:00 pm
Languages: English and German (under request)

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Quad biking
Escursioni a Swakopmund: Experience the sheer thrill of riding a four wheeled motorbike through Namibia's boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes, along a route of approximately 55 km. An experienced guide will lead you from the Swakop River Mouth, twisting and turning down the river bed. Feel the freedom of riding through one of nature's great wilderness areas as we cut through the plains and head to the dunes. With ''power up'' we make our way to the top of the first big dune via the ''Roller Coaster'', to the top of ''Big Billy'', where we stop for a cold drink and a beautiful view to capture the stark and savage beauty of the Namib Desert.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Daredevil Adventures
Duration: 1 Hour or 2 Hours/ Depending which is booked
Start or opening time: Available at 09h00 / 11h00 / 13h00 / 15h00
Languages: English

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Sandboarding
Escursioni a Swakopmund: You will be transferred to the dunes, where you will be kitted, briefed and instructed on how to manage the dunes with your sand board. There will be the chance to do the standing up like snowboarding and the lying down way. This activity is a lot of fun with lots of exercise in the dunes. A light snack and refreshment will be available for you at the end of this adventure.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Daredevil Adntures
Duration: Around 4 hours
Start or opening time: At 09h30
End or closing time: At 13h30
Languages: English
Others: For Stand-Up, thick socks required- no other clothing requirements.

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Scenic fligth: Sossusvlei
Escursioni a Swakopmund: Departing from Swakopmund we fly over sunlit sand dunes which roll and undulate, are beautiful in a way that is not of this world. Add to the sand sea a low level flight along the green Kuiseb riverbed to the Kuiseb Canyon.
Sossusvlei is a dune wonderland, with towering dunes up to 300m high surrounding a huge, dried-up pan. Dunes extend as far as the eye can see and their rich tints vary from pale apricot to vivid reds and oranges. During a good rainy season the Tsauchab River flows into the pan creating a haven for water birds. Even during the dry season, oryx, springbok and ostriches can be seen feeding off the sparse vegetation along the water course.
We then continue over the Diamond Restricted area to Conception Bay, listen carefully – each wave will whisper a different story of shipwrecks Eduard Bohlen and Shaunee that rust away on the shoreline, Long Wall and Sandwich Harbour. Further along the coast we return to fly over the colourful Walvis Bay Salt Works and back to Swakopmund. Flight duration: approximately 2.2 hrs.
Enjoy a flight with stunning views over the dry Kuiseb riverbed, Kuiseb Canyon, a dune wonderland and the colourful Walvis Bay Salt Works.
Meeting/ Pick up point: Swakopmund Airport
Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes
Start or opening time: Weather dependant (Afternoons mostly). Customers must call 48 hours before the departure of the tour in order to confirm their pick up time
Languages: English
Others: Includes the fligth, the pilot guide and the Soft Drinks Only.

Escursioni a Swakopmund - Sky Dive
Escursioni a Swakopmund: Swakopmund Sky Dive Club is situated 5 km to the east of Swakopmund. For the ''brave souls'', they offer a tandem jump with 10 min of training followed by a fantastic 25 min scenic flight. The jump is from 3000 m, strapped to a highly experienced tandem master. The 35 sec fee fall followed by a 4 to 5 min slow glide down to the landing strip of the Swakopmund Airport. This will blow you mind and have your adrenalin pump even hours after the jump!! The view is just as unbelievable as the jump itself.
Meeting/ Pick up point: The customers' hotel
Duration: Around 2 hours
Start or opening time: Afternoons (weather dependant). Customers must call 48 hours before the departure of the tour in order to confirm their pick up time.
Languages: English
Others: Minimum age of 10 years, 100kg weight limit. No back or feet injuries.