Escursioni a Recife - Caruaru and Nova Jerusalem
Escursioni a Recife: Come join us and tour a fantastic world of creation and handicraft on this day long trip to Caruaru and Nova Jerusalem. Spend a day full of inspiration and admiration as you see some of the finest traditional craftsmanship the world has to offer in the equisite scenery offered by the Pernambuco's Agreste Highlands.
With an early departure from Recife, you'll make your way 130 kilometres inland to the regional market town of Caruaru. Sitting in the expanse of Brazil's interior, this town has been recognized by UNESCO as the largest centre for figure sculpture in the Americas. Traditional earthenware sculptures and colourful figurines, are the legacy of the great folk artist, Mestre Vitalino. With a unique appearance and traditional design, these fine crafted clay sculptures are a perfect keepsake to take home with you as a souvenir. In addition to the famed sculpture, take in the creations of rope and leather craft, another fine example of the many locally made handicrafts of the Highlands.
After the exhilarating trip to the bustling craft market, you'll make your way to picturesque Nova Jerusalem, the world's largest open-air theatre. Appreciate both the splendor and simplicity of the stone construction. Home to Easter week performances of Christ's Passion, the theatre is a remarkable venue to take in a live show. After a fulfilling day, you'll rest your feet and satisfy your stomach with dinner at a local restaurant before making your return trip.
A day full of handicrafts and theatre art, this trip to Caruaru and Nova Jerusalem will have you remarking at the flashy, creative side very representative of Brazil's unique cultural identity.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfers to most hotels in Recife.
Duration: 12 hours.
Start/opening time: Thursday at 8am.
End/closing time: 8pm.
Languages: English (private tour only). Spanish and Portuguese (shared tour).
Others: Please contact Gray Line Brazil to confirm your tour at least 48 hours prior to the activity time.

Escursioni a Recife - Igarasu and Itamaraca
Escursioni a Recife: Experience two distinct but equally impressive forms of beauty with this intriguing day trip to the colonial city of Igarrassu and the exotic island of Itamaraca. Admire a historic church and fort, visit some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world and enjoy a spellbinding catamaran cruise. This tour offers a wonderful opportunity to see Brazil at its most colourful and vibrant.
Igarrassu was founded in 1535 and among the first buildings to go up was the Church of Saints Cosme and Damiao, which is the oldest church in Brazil. It is one of three colonial-era temples – the others being the baroque Batista de Igarrassu Church and St Anthony’s Convent – within a few hundred metres of each, which creates a stunning vista. Live and breathe this surprisingly verdant city and explore the old town’s picturesque cobbled streets and narrow alleys with houses whose façades are a mix of pastel colours and faded grandeur.
After this journey back in time, travel to paradise at Itamaraca Island. Its natural landscapes and virgin beaches have made it extremely popular among outdoor activities enthusiasts. Here you are free to indulge in a range of optional activities. Check out Forte Orange, which was built by the Dutch in the 17th century, or the Marine Manatee Centre, a research and conservation centre for one of the most precious endangered species found on the coast of northeastern Brazil. Cap it all off with the catamaran trip to Coroa do Aviao, a paradisiacal sand bar and observation point for migratory birds.
Meeting/pick-up point: Most Recife hotels.
Duration: Eight hours.
Start/opening time: Tuesday and Friday at 8am.
Languages: Public tour in Spanish and Portuguese. Private tour in English.
Others: Admission to the church, fort and marine centre are no included.

Escursioni a Recife - Porto de Galinhas
Escursioni a Recife: Join us at Porto de Galinhas to discover true nirvana. Imagine yourself floating on crystal-clear waters of scintillating blue. Imagine little colourful fish sucking playfully at your toes. Imagine groves after groves of huge and hairy coconuts. All this and more is what you can experience on this tour of Porto de Galinhas, a calm fishing town which is considered by many one of Brazil’s most appealing resorts.
Make your way to this tranquil beach to forget all about the hustle and bustle of the big cities and let your worries distil in the turquoise waters. The area now covered by the magnificent resort used to be an underground slave trade port of Porto de Galinhas, way back in the 19th century. As you lie on the soft sand and imagine the boats of old approaching these shores filled with helpless people from the other side of the ocean about to be forced into the slave trade, you can’t help but feel relief for the times we live in and for the beautiful experience this space now offers.
The ways in which you can enjoy this entourage are many. Hop aboard a traditional fishing raft – called a “jangada” – and sail amidst the hypnotizing reef pools, or rev up a buggy and rumble off to explore the neighbouring beaches: Pontal de Maracaipe and Muro Alto. A buggy is not only a great form of transport for its easy manoeuvrability, it is also lots of fun to ride on the sand. You’ll feel like the king of the beach.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to most hotels in Recife.
Duration: Eight hours approx.
Start/opening time: 8am.
Languages: Spanish and Portuguese for Shared tour. English for Private tour.

Escursioni a Recife - Recife and Olinda City Tour
Escursioni a Recife: Discover Recife, a city brimming with colours and culture, as well as the breath-taking Olinda on this comprehensive double tour of the two cities. Get to know the most significant landmarks in two of Brazil’s most beautiful cities. The charm of Olinda is such that is has been declared a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Monument by UNESCO. Join us and find out what all the excitement is about.
Begin the tour with a panorama of Recife, passing by the three sectors that compose the city centre: Recife, Santo Antonio and Boa Vista. See the stunning bridge of Mauricio de Nassau and the Praca da Republica, a marvellous square flanked by the Santa Isabel Theatre, the Law Courts and the Governor’s Palace, a clashing combination of politics and culture. After that, take a walk over to the Casa da Cultura, an elegant construction dating back to the 19th century. This safe haven for local culture was originally used as a prison, back in the days of its erection. Now, it’s full of craft stores and traditional restaurants.
Move on later to Olinda, where you’ll see the churches of Se and Misericordia upon the Alto da Se. From this vantage point, admire the breath-taking views of both cities, sitting side by side. During the infamous Brazilian Carnival, this is the best spot to see the streets fill with colour and fantasy, as parade after wild parade, such as Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos or Elefante, march alongside giant puppets of the likes of the renowned Midnight Man.
Meeting/pick-up point: Roundtrip transfer to most hotels in Recife.
Duration: Eight hours approx.
Start/opening time: 8am.
Languages: Spanish and Portuguese for shared tour. English for private tour.

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