Escursioni a Puerto Madryn - Peninsula Valdes Norte
Escursioni a Puerto Madryn: We start Early in the morning towards Peninsula Valdes Provincial Reserve. After a one hour drive we will arrive at Puerto Piramides, where we will go on a boat trip (optional) to see whales from June toDecember and sea lions and cormorants from January to March. After this, we head to Estancia San Lorenzo, a traditional sheeping farm of the area, where apart from being offered typical lamb on a spit, will visit the Magellan penguin reserve situated 7km far from the farm-house (visit to San Lorenzo with fee). We will visit Punta Norte Reserve, where, from December we will see Sea lions and eventually Orcas. From here our next stop will be Punta Cantor to watch elephant Seals and the eastern coast of Peninsula Valdes and its remarkable features. On our way back to Puerto Madryn, we will stop at the Carlos Ameghino Isthmus interpretation centre. Finally we return to Puerto Madryn at sunset.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel in Puerto Madryn.
Duration: 12 hours.
Start/opening time: 7am aprox.
End/closing time: 7pm aprox.
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese.
Others: Observations: Child between 5 and 11 are considered Menor, Child under 5 free. Itineary order may vary due to weather conditions or tide. If part of the itinerary can not be done because of storm, there is no refund. Península Valdes fee it is not included and it is mandatory.

Escursioni a Puerto Madryn - Punta Tombo
Escursioni a Puerto Madryn: Punta Tombo is the most important Magellan Penguins colony within Patagonia. Half a million of them arrive at this place every year in order to breed. The first penguins arrive in September and stay here up to mid March but the best season to see them is after November, once the babies are born. One of the greatest features of this Reservation is the fact that you can literally walk among the penguins, follow them and learn their habits, see how they feed their babies, the rites of pairing, the fights for the defense of their territories, how they build their nests, and the restless walks they take to and from the sea. In other words, you can closely watch these tender little animals like you never imagined you could. Once you start getting closer to the coast, you will be surprised by a hectic fauna activity.
This rocky territory hosts a great quantity of sea birds: southern seagulls, skas, royal and black necked cormorants, Antarctic pigeons and petrels. Also, these coasts are frequently visited by sea lions as well as the southern whales, dolphins and orcas. Return to Puerto Madryn. We set out early in the morning to Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve. After about an hour and fifty - minute drive along Patagonian roads, we arrive at the colony. We will stay at the reserve for no less than two hours and a half in order to walk along the paths and also visit the Punta Tombo Interpretative Centre. In the evening we will back to Puerto Madryn. A stop at Trelew Airport -when going to or coming back from Punta Tombo -in order to leave or pick up passengers participating in the tour, might be included.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotels in Puerto Madryn .
Duration: 8 hours .
Start/opening time: 7am aprox.
End/closing time: 15pm aprox .
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese.
Others: Operation Days: From mid-September to March. Observations: Child between 5 and 11 are considered Menor, Child under 5 free. Itineary order may vary due to weather conditions. Reserva Punta Tombo's fee its not included and its mandatory.

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