Escursioni a Peloponesse - Agricultural Tour
Escursioni a Peloponesse: Joy & fun in the farm! We will arrive at the farm were we will be shown all the farm animals: chickens and goats, lambs and gooses, dogs and cats, and friendly ponies to pet and feed and of course take pictures!
Then it’s cooking time! Greek salad and tzatziki are waiting for us to make them, the farm people will show us all the secrets, fun cooking is in progress! By the end of the tour our new farm friends will teach us to dance traditional Greek dances!
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel in kylini area at 10am.
Duration: Between four and five hours.
Languages: English and German

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Corinth Tour
Escursioni a Peloponesse: Old Corinth and the dream of the Roman emperor Nero. . . the canal of Corinth. Explore the excavations of ancient Corinth with one of the oldest temples of the country; visit the archeological site and the museum (optional). Embark on a boat and cross the Corinth canal, a unique experience for adults and young passengers as well. From the old days, Emperor Nero recognized how important the building of a canal between the mainland and the Peloponnese was. Enjoy some free time and maybe go for lunch in a nearby taverna (lunch not included) or take some very nice photos.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from hotels in Kylini area.
Start/opening time: 7am.
End/closing time: At 3pm.
Languages: German and English.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Delphi Tour
Escursioni a Peloponesse: For sheer grandeur of natural beauty combined with ancient ruins, there is probably no other spot on earth that rivals Delphi. In antiquity, it was one of the world's most important religious centers -the Sanctuary of Apollo attracted a host of pilgrims who came to consult the oracle. Even now an aura of mystery surrounds the ruins of Delphi, exposed on a rocky slope.
See the ancient sanctuary, where the celebrated oracle Pythia dwelt. Her ambiguous prophecies were known and respected all over the ancient world. Visit the Temple of Apollo, the Treasury of Athenians, the Sacred Way, the theater with its excellent acoustics and pass by the Castalian spring, where in ancient days the pilgrims had to wash before they were allowed to consult the oracle.
In the Delphi Museum, you will see such treasures as the Omphalos, which marked the center of the world, and the magnificent bronze Charioteer, one of the finest pieces surviving from the 5th century BC. Then we suggest you to enjoy a typical Greek luncheon at a nearby village before start your return journey back.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Start/opening time: At 7.20 am approx.
End/closing time: At 6.30pm.
Languages: German and English.
Others: Entrance fees to the archeological site not included.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Full Athens Tour
Escursioni a Peloponesse: Upon arrival to Athens enjoy a panoramic tour of the city, pass by the Monument of the Unknown Soldier; catch a glimpse of the Evzoni Guards in their national uniforms. Then take pleasure in a visit of the breath taking Acropolis, the Ancient temple that boasts traces of buildings from various periods dating back to the Mycenaean era of the second millennium BC.
The principal buildings are the Propylaia, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechteion and the Parthenon, which belongs to the 5th century BC - the age of the glorious Pericles. Enjoy some free at the area of Plaka and then meet with your coach and guide at a pre-arranged time. Start your journey back passing by the University, the National Academy, the Library, impressive buildings constructed during the neoclassical period.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from hotels in Kylini area.
Start/opening time: At 6.20am.
End/closing time: At 8pm.
Languages: German and English.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Gymnet
Escursioni a Peloponesse: A holiday no longer means you have to let your gym routine slip with this fantastic offer. Whilst a break in Greece should undoubtedly be an opportunity to indulge in the finest food and drink on offer, it shouldn’t have to have a negative impact on your fitness. For those who follow a strict gym regime, a week off or even a couple of days of inactivity can be disastrous. However, with dozens of local partner gyms, for a low daily fee you can continue to work out completely stress free.
All co-operative gyms have been carefully selected to ensure that standards of equipment are up to scratch, meaning all you have to do is present your voucher at the front desk and begin your work out. It’s that easy! Whether you hit the gym every morning like clockwork or just want to fit a couple of sessions in to feel less guilty about enjoying your holiday, this offer is completely flexible and you can use the services of the local gym as many times as you like for up to a month.
The offer includes the following gyms:
14wins, Adamopoulos Sotirios, Aloe Fitness, Basdecki Gyms, BlueGym, BodyFit, Corpus Fitness Club, Cosmopolitan Gym, Cosmos Fitness Club, Desport Health Clubs Ampelokipoi, Desport Health Clubs Pallini, Diathlon, Ergofit, Fitness Elite, Gimnastirio Kipseli, Gym Tonic, HealthStudio, LA Fitness, MegaFit Gym, Nea Ionia Gym, Palladion Gym, Paradise Fitness Club, Paradise Fitness Club, Physical Gym, SLS Gym, Sport Edition Fitness Gym, Sport Life Gym, Top Action Hyper Gym, Crete Chania, Palmos gym, Planet Fitness, Crete Heraklion, Gymnasium, Ocean Fitness Gym, GymSport, Mykonos-Gym, Santorini-Evexia, FamilyFit, Elixir, Keep Fit, and Oxygen Gym, Top Action Hyper Gym.
Meeting/pick-up point: variours fitness centres.
Others: Contact your gym to confirm availability.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Kalavryta by train
Escursioni a Peloponesse: Kalavryta is a beautiful mountain village, which is located in the northern part of the Achaia region. Drive through the mountains of the Peloponnese to the monastery Mega Spileon, one of the oldest monasteries in Greece.
Then, enjoy the unique experience on board of a narrow gauge train that will ride from Diakofto to Vouraikos Gorge. You’ll pass through rugged mountains with deep valleys and interesting rock formations. Do not miss this magnificent view from your train window
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel at 8am.
Duration: Between seven and eight hours.
Languages: English and German

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Loutraki spa therapy
Escursioni a Peloponesse: Retreat to a modern and luxurious haven to discover the legendary rejuvenating powers of the healing waters at the Loutraki Thermal Spa. Prepare to be pampered with a range of decadent treatments for body and mind in the stunning surroundings of the historic and cosmopolitan spa town of Loutraki.
The hydrotherapy pools and tubs, unique ‘rain showers’, saunas and steam baths harness the miraculous powers of Loutraki’s thermal springs, famed across Europe since antiquity. Drift away on a cloud of bliss when you enjoy our renowned essential oil massages and facials. Perhaps you’ll enjoy an Indian head massage, a rich caviar or red wine facial, or a full body massage with exquisite gardenia or orchid body butters. There's even a chocolate treatment to boost serotonin, the happy hormone, and leave you walking on air. Or unleash the elements and experience the benefits of mud or sea therapy. Just choose from the comprehensive menu of treatments, named for the gods and heroes of old.
The extensive facilities near Corinth make the Loutraki Thermal Spa an easy day trip from Athens. Why not take a break from the heat and crowds in the capital, and retreat to a sanctuary of wellbeing, where you can indulge in the most luxurious spa experience in Greece and you’ll never want to leave. Nafsika: The 50-minute session starts with multi-jet hydrotherapy in our modern thermal water pool and continues with a wellness sauna to invigorate and detoxify your body. Next, relax with a hydrating red wine facial. This 30-minute treatment oxygenates and improves elasticity, leaving your skin fresh and luminous.
Nefeli: This superb treatment begins with a 20-minute multi-jet hydrotherapy session in our modern thermal water pool to achieve absolute wellness, invigoration and detoxification of the body, including an olive and essential oil body peel. Then, drift away with a 20-minute body massage with papaya hydrating cream.
Faidra: This session begins with a vitalising 10-minute jet shower hydro-massage to stimulate circulation, and continues with a 20-minute Indian head massage, perfect for relaxation and to relieve any strain held in the scalp or neck.
Ekavi: This two-day session consists of:
Day 1: Begin with 20 minutes of multi-jet hydrotherapy in our modern thermal water pool, followed by a 20-minute relaxing body massage with lavender essential oils to help ease muscular strains and dissolve stress and tension.
Day 2: The superb 50-minute facial with caviar restores firmness and deep hydration to tired skin, leaving you with a glowing and youthful complexion.
Ilios: This two-day session consists of:
Day 1: This unique session begins with a 10-minute jet shower hydro-massage to stimulate circulation and leave you with a feeling of complete wellness. Next, a 20-minute therapeutic back and neck massage will release tension and dissolve stress.
Day 2: This 60-minute session consists of multi-jet hydrotherapy in our modern thermal water pool and concludes with a steam bath in order to achieve maximum invigoration and wellness. Then a 20-minute body massage with gardenia body butter will regenerate both body and spirit.
Iokasti: This two-day session includes:
Day 1: This session includes 10 minutes in our unique thermal water ‘rain shower’ to offer you deep regeneration. Next, a 40-minute chocolate therapy will deeply hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and firm. Soak up the relaxing feel and the naturally rich aroma of the chocolate. Feel serotonin, the hormone of happiness released when we smell or eat chocolate, activate your senses and wipe out tension.
Day 2: Start with a hydro-massage in our state-of-the-art ‘Caracalla’ spa, where multiple jets of thermal water will pummel away tension. Then a 20-minute body massage with hydrating cream of orchid essence will offer you velvet smooth skin and absolute harmony of body and spirit.
Pandora: This three-day session includes:
Day 1: This 20-minute session consists of multi-jet hydrotherapy in our modern thermal water pool in order to offer maximum invigoration and wellness, followed by a 30-minute olive body peel. This will leave your skin smooth and ready to receive a relaxing body massage with a hydrating cream with citrus oils. The treatment offers deep hydration and wellness.
Day 2: This 20-minute session consists of multi-jet hydrotherapy in our modern thermal water pool followed by a 30-minute face massage with apricot essence, to promote a glowing, regenerated complexion.
Day 3: This 20-minute session consists of hydrotherapy in a thermal water tub with aromatic salts based on citrus fruits essence, to achieve maximum invigoration and wellness. Then a 20-minute deep relaxation body massage follows, to free your body of tension using almond and bergamot oil, to impart deep hydration to your skin and absolute wellness and invigoration to your spirit.
Poseidon: This three-day session includes:
Day 1: This session consists of 90 minutes for multi-jet hydrotherapy in our modern thermal water pool, along with the sauna and steam bath, in order to achieve maximum invigoration, detoxification and wellness. The sessions continues with a 20-minute deep relaxation body massage using specially-chosen deep hydrating creams based on exotic fruits such as papaya to achieve absolute hydration of your body, wellness and invigoration.
Day 2: This session includes a 10-minute unique ‘rain shower’ with regenerating thermal water, and a 20-minute Dead Sea mud treatment. Loutraki’s world famous thermal water will relieve any muscular strains or pain caused by arthritis while offering your skin deep hydration.
Day 3: This 20-minute session consists of multi-jet hydrotherapy in our modern thermal water tub with therapeutic salts based on citrus fruit essence, to achieve maximum invigoration and wellness. Then a 30-minute face massage with Vitamin E will offer total regeneration and deep hydration of your complexion.
Others: Transfers are not included. Not suitable for children under 9.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Nafplio Tourist bus – hop on-hop off
Escursioni a Peloponesse: The bus crosses the routes of the new town where you can see the Town Hall, the war museum and other famous buildings. One of the route's highlights is the Lion of Bavaria, where the bus actually stops long enough to allow you to take a decent photo of the sculpture. On the way back to the starting point, after a short pass from the new part of Nafplio for a couple of minutes, you get a very nice view of the old town built on the northern slope of Akronafplia hill. Keep your camera ready as your only chance to get a photo is while the bus is waiting to turn into the main street leading back to the port.
Meeting/pick-up point:
Duration: 35 minutes approx.
Start/opening time: At 10am, departing every hour.
End/closing time: At 4pm.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Nafplio city tour train
Escursioni a Peloponesse: The Nafplio Fun Trains are carefully designed to take you to all of Nafplio famous sights and Nafplio main shopping area. Just 2 minutes from the Nafplio Port, the Fun Trains are waiting you to hop on and explore Nafplio. Save on time and money and explore the most important sights. Nafplio centre, situated very close to the harbour, is waiting to be discovered by you. Nafplio is a town with many opportunities. The Fun Train gives you the chance to discover aspects of the town in an easy and low price way.
The train starts at the port and follows Bouboulinas street along the harbor front until it turns right into the old city of Nafplio passing by some of the city's prominent buildings (Town Hall, War Museum, etc. ) Then it gets into the stone paved alleys for a short distance to give you a sense of what the old town is like.
Duration: Twenty minutes.
Start/opening time: From 15/04 to 10/06, between 11am and 7pm, departing every hour.
From 10/06 to 10/09, between 11am and 2pm, and betwwen 7pm and 11pm, departing every hours.
Languages: Greek and English.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Olympia Tour
Escursioni a Peloponesse: Discover the famous site of Olympia, one of the most important sanctuaries of antiquity, dedicated to the father of the Olympian Zeus and birth-place of the Olympic Games! Admire the temple of Zeus, in which interior once the Zeus statue of the Phidias stood, one of the seven world miracles in ancient times.
Here you will walk with your guide and learn interesting facts about Ancient Greece and the Games. Thereafter, you will proceed on foot to the Archaeological Museum, which is one of the most important of its kind in Greece and hosts an impressive collection of artefacts, including the master work of the Praxiteles - the Hermes statue. Following some free time in the village you will join your coach for a drive back to your resort.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from hotels in Kylini area. Times to be locally arranged with the supplier.
Duration: About 6 hours.
Start/opening time: At 8am.
Languages: English and German.
Others: Entrance fees not included.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Patras shopping experience
Escursioni a Peloponesse: Patras shopping is a special experience. Despite the fact that there are not big shopping malls in the city centre, the city itself can be considered as a shopping mall as you can find all clothing, shoe wear, accessories, opticals, and much more shops. Enjoy first a visit to the S. Andrew and a Panoramic Patras tour; then, feel free to stroll around and get in the shops of this magnificent city!
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: Five hours approx.
Start/opening time: At 3pm, to be confirmed locally with the customer.

Escursioni a Peloponesse - Zakynthos island tour
Escursioni a Peloponesse: The island of the sea turtle with its long beaches, idyllic bays, its magnificent blooming Flora and romantic grottos counts as the loveliest island in the Ionian sea. With pine trees, cypress, vineyards and the Italian architecture, this island reminds of Tuscany. Travelling by coach through olive groves and hills, you’ll first stop at Skinari, soaking up the views across to Kefalonia and mainland Greece. Then hop on a boat (optional) to cruise around the famous Blue Caves. Continue inland to Anafonitria village with its half-ruined 14th century monastery where the patron of the island, Saint Dionysios, spent part of his life. Return to Zakynthos town and enjoy some free time on own before you will be transferred to the port to join the ferry back to Kyllini.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from hotels in Kylini area.
Duration: Approximately 9.5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 7.05am.
Languages: English and German.
Others: Optional visit to the blue caves and Anafonitria monastery.