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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Aegean Sea cruise
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Escape from the tiresome buzz of the city and head out into the peaceful beauty of the Aegean Sea on this pleasant cruise trip. Turkey’s many wonders aren’t limited to the mainland. Although its ancient archaeological wonders need solid ground beneath them, Turkey’s Sea needs no such monuments to make it special. It shines with a beauty of its own. So relax and soar by the coast of Altikum, smooth sandy beaches, impeccable seaside resorts and romantic hideaway bars.
On board, you can lie down on deck to bask in the warm Mediterranean sun as you see the magnificent sights go by. Work on your summer tan while the soft sea breezes keep you cool.
Every so often, your ship’s captain will drop anchor at some of the region’s prettiest spots. Plunge into the azure depths for a quick swim or even grab some snorkelling gear and go off to explore the colourful creatures that keep Aegean marine life abuzz.
Throughout the trip, you will be treated to a soft drink and, later on, an on-board lunch, where you will be able to eat some local specialties to your heart’s content. After lunch, what better way to let it all go down than by lying down on deck again and soaking up some more of than fantastic Turkish sun? Finally, as you slowly sail back to the port, enjoy the pure colours of the sky and the water, memories that will stay with you forever.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel.
Duration: Seven to eight hours.
Start/opening time: At 10am.
End/closing time: From 4.30pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Don’t forget to bring swimming gear, towel, sunglasses, sun cream, hat, money and a camera.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Aqua & Waterpark
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Enjoy a day in one of the biggest water parks in Europe. Featuring drenching water adventure rides; this is a full splash, fun day ideal for families and those who just want to have fun. Packed with a wide choice of slides ranging from Amazon family, loop, water coaster, tube and body slides as well as fast slides for the speed freaks, there is something for everyone including a lazy river, activity and kids zone.
Optional dolphin show available. A one hour show being entertained by the lovable dolphins and seals. Marvel at their intelligence and tricks. Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel Pick-ups.
Start or opening time: Hotel Pick-ups by shuttle between 7:30am and 8:30am. Show begins at 1pm.
End or closing time: 17:00pm approx.
Others: what is included: Entrance fees and Transportation with shuttle. What is not included: Food and drinks. Choice of eateries on site.
Slides are not recommended for people with physical disabilities, neck, back and heart complaints or pregnant women. Appropriate swimwear is required in all pools and on rides. (cotton, denim, cut off shorts or any clothing items with metal fasteners, rivets, zippers or buckles are not permitted).

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Dalyan Discovery
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Come and discover the wonders of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast at Dalyan, a region filled with beauty and curiosities. Dalyan is in fact such an attractive area it has seen people as famous as Robbie Williams, Sting or Dustin Hoffman stroll round its beaches.
Your first stop is at the mud pools that are strewn along the Dalyan River. You get there by boat, so first you’ll enjoy a pleasant sail through the river’s stunning entourage. Once at the pools, frolic in their soft muds to absorb all their therapeutic properties. They have been used as healing sites since as far back as ancient Hellenistic times. After you’re completely smeared with the sulphur-rich ooze, rinse it off in the warm thermal springs, a genuinely soothing experience. Not only is the process bags of fun, it might even take ten years off your skin.
After you hop back onto the boat, enjoy a pleasant lunch on board. Filled to your hearts content, you can now proceed to soar past the Lycian tombs. These amazing royal tombs were carved into the abrupt cliffs that surround the river around the year 400bC.
Your final stop is Iztuzu Beach, a paradisiacal strand where you will come across a very curious creature indeed. The Caretta-caretta, also known as loggerhead turtles, is an endangered species that makes its home in this protected area. After sailing through the river’s mouth and docking at this golden beach, wrap up your day relaxing for two hours and taking a swim in the crystalline Mediterranean.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Duration: Full day.
Start/opening time: 6.30am.
End/closing time: 8.30pm.
Languages: English.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Day Trip to Kos (Greek Island)
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: A breathtakingly beautiful island, the home of Hippocrates, it is full of history, numerous monuments, sandy beaches and natural beauties. Kos is the third largest island of the Dodecanese and is located in the south eastern Aegean Sea, just 3 nautical miles from the mainland of Turkey. Kos Town is the cultural and tourism centre of the island and has distinctive white-washed buildings and a host of shops, café bars and restaurants/tavernas to enjoy.
In the centre of the town is the Plane Tree of Hippocrates now supported by scaffolding. The more adventurous can also explore the island by public transport or by joining local tours. Inland there are archaeological sites dating from the Greek and Roman period to explore and close to the port, an impressive castle dating from the Knights Templar of Rhodes. With 112km of coastline, there are numerous stretches of long, sandy beach to sunbathe on or from which to go swimming in the Aegean Sea.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Start/opening time: Pick up between 5:30am and 6:20am. Tour starts at 6:30am.
-End/closing time: 7pm. The ferry back departs Kos at 4.30pm.
Others: Passports needed and visa for EU (if non EU citizen).

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Day Trip to Samos
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Departing from Kusadasi Port at 9am, the ferry journey takes approximately 1.45 hours and docks at Samos town known as Vathy and the island’s capital. Birthplace of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, this island is well known for its’ vineyards and production of wine. Vathy has a number of café bars, taverns and souvenir shops to browse or relax in while enjoying a Greek aperitif and some small pebble beaches are within walking distance.
The more adventurous can also explore the island by public transport or by joining local tours. Pythagorion is just 11km and the very pretty resort of Kokkari only 10km from the port. The ferry departs Samos for Kusadasi at 5pm.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Start/opening time: At 6:45am.
End/closing time: At 7pm.
Not included: Port tax, lunch, drinks, tips , personal expenses.
Required documentation: Passports are required.
Others: Price includes : transfer to/from Kusadasi port, travel insurance. Ferry boat return journey Kusadasi - Samos included.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Ephesus
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Broaden your Turkish experience with a visit to two of the country’s most beautiful cities. Whereas Ephesus was one of antiquity’s most important – not to mention beautiful – sites, it is nowadays one of the world’s best-preserved ancient cities.
To begin your trip to these amazing places, a bus will pick you up from your hotel. As you step off it, you find yourself in the midst of the legendary city of Ephesus, where ancient frescoes still decorate old houses’ walls. To start, one of its most extraordinary landmarks is its old amphitheatre, which has an astounding capacity of 24,000 people. As you wander round the marble paved streets of Ephesus, you also won’t want to miss out seeing the Celcus Library, by far the city’s most breath-taking building. But the most famous site is the ruins of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.
From here we visit the 800 year old Isabey Mosque. Admire its impressive architectural beauty before settling down for a buffet lunch. After lunch we go to the House of the Virgin Mary, where it is said she spent the last few years before her death. Depending on time we also visit some shops or outlets.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Start/opening time: From 8am.
End/closing time: From 5pm.
Languages: English.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Evening Market Tour
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: After pick-up from hotels we drive approximately 10- 15 minutes to Mavisehir Night Bazaar, a famous shopping place with unbeatable prices. It is a cooling shopping suggestion for the ones who do not like to shop in the hot day time! Roughly 2.5 hours free time is given to shop for souvenirs or bargain clothing. Café bars and restaurants are in the area, which is close to the seashore.
Meeting/ pick-up point: From hotels between 8:30pm.
End/closing time: 11:30pm.
Languages: English.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Full Day to Pamukkale
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’, a 250.000 years old natural-beauty and one of the must-see places of Turkey. We stop off at a 4-Star hotel to enjoy the fresh and thermal SPA Red Springs water pools of the hotel and have a nice open buffet lunch there.
Journeying around a 20 minutes, we arrive at the Northern gate of Pamukkale and walk for a ten minutes to base in Cleopatra’s Pool area, where facilities are available. You enjoy your free time there either to explore the white-cliffs and/or explore the ruins or bath in Cleopatra’s fizzy warm waters (not included).
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Start/opening time: At 7:30am.
-End/closing time: At 8:30pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Red Springs SPA pool usage is not allowed without a swimming-cap (clients can use their own or buy one). Towels must be brought or hiring one from the hotel.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Horse Safari
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: For a fun alternative to spend a few hours of your holiday, this short horse safari lasts around two hours of actual riding, covering approximately 14 kms. During the safari we ride by the sea-side for a refreshing swimming break and also enjoy the facilities of a beachside cafe. All riders are accompanied by another professional rider.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel.
Duration: 4 hours.
Start/opening time: 3:30pm.
Languages: English.
Inclusions: Transport, Insurance and Tax.
Exclusions: Drinks, tips to guide and driver and personal expenses.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Jeep Safari
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Leaving the resort and driving for a short while, you arrive at a horse-farm with a nice cafe and swimming pool. There you have a swimming and sun-bathing break. Guests have lunch of their choice from chicken, meatballs or omlette and after lunch, the drive starts again in and near forests and by the sea-side untill you get to Bozbuk bay, where you have another swimming break at that beautiful beach. On the way back, another swimming-stop awaits you in Akbuk (White Bay). On the day there awaits you water-wars ! (The day is full with water, dust and fun, join with swim-wear, water-guns are available on the jeeps at low prices or you bring yours).
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: 6 hours.
Start/opening time: 10:30am.
End/closing time: 4pm.
Languages: English.
Not included: Drinks, tips , personal expenses.
Others: Price includes: lunch , travel insurance, tax & VAT.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Saturday Market
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Shopaholics and souvenir hunters listen up - this one’s right up your street. It’s a morning dedicated entirely to shopping at a bustling street bazaar. First up, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and drop you off in the centre of the action, giving you around two hours to roam around on your own. Get ready to splash your cash as you wander round the rows of shaded stalls. You’ll pass tables laden with tempting fruit, veg and foodstuffs. Stands piled with soft-knit pashminas, bejewelled slippers and hand-woven rugs. And rack after rack of soft leather bags, brightly painted pots and gleaming brass ornaments. You name it you’ll probably find it here. Just make sure you haggle to get the best deals. Whatever you do, don’t leave without buying a box of sugar-dusted Turkish Delight. These sticky sweets are an exotic taste of Turkey and a great take-home treat.
After the Bazaar, we take a 5-10 minute journey to get to the 2,800-year-old ancient Apollo Temple. The guide briefly informs you about its past and you enjoy free time in that area, where there are some small souvenir shops and a couple of restaurants as well as cafes available to enjoy a drink while appreciating the view of the magnificent temple.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Start/opening time: At 9.30am.
End/closing time: At 4pm.
Languages: English.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Scuba Diving
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Zip on a wetsuit and dive into Turkey’s azure waters, one of the best areas for scuba diving in the Mediterranean. Some of the reasons why Turkey’s island-dotted coasts are considered an ideal entourage for going under are their colourful sea life and the crystal-clear visibility of the water; it’s like swimming in the sky. The seas here are teeming with all kinds of fish and there’s a good chance you’ll come upon other fascinating creatures such as parrotfish, stingrays and octopuses.
Never been scuba diving before? Not a problem. Join this trial-size taster where you will be introduced to the experience without becoming hand-tied to a longer more professional course. After being picked up from your hotel we drive to a nearby beach hotel to receive a tuition session from your knowledgeable instructor – PADI-certified – before going into the deep.
Don your air tanks and splash into the water. Your instructor will at all times be ahead of you to guide the way. Swim with total confidence around mysterious rocky ledges, over fields of swaying sea grass and through cumuli of fancy fish. Your dive will last about half an hour, after which you will have new experiences and memories that will make your holiday extra special.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel lobby.
Start/opening time: 10:30am.
End/closing time: 1pm.
Others: Minimum age 12 years.

Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Smartphone with Unlimited 4G Internet Included
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: A smartphone with 4G connection, ideal for expats, frequent visitors, or tourists so that you do not need to worry about getting your phone registered locally, or being blocked. Connect to fast and secure 4G internet AND enjoy the city with our digital companion!
• Find your way around with GPS and maps. Avoid the hassle!
• Stay connected, check tips and reviews for local restaurants, cafes, city highlights and attractions. Stay up-to-date with what’s going on in town. Enjoy the city like a local!
• Share what’s going on as it happens! Connect to your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) accounts and share your experience and memorable holiday photos on the go!
• Unlimited 4G internet included! Includes: Carry case, wall adaptor and charging cable.
Others: Confirmation will be received at time of booking.

Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Tablet with Unlimited Internet Access
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Try an innovative approach to exploring Turkey and discover the wonders of the Turkey with a digital guide that’s available during your rental.
The digital guide is loaded with guides, maps, audio tours on a 7-inch tablet that’s been specifically designed for travellers visiting Turkey. The GPS navigation lets you go around the country without needing other devices, and printed maps.
The tablet comes with unlimited 3G internet access and a sharing option with other devices via Wi-Fi. You’ll easily find your way around and can check your tablet for recommended places and stay connected with your loved ones.
You’ll also find useful apps, with maps, quick information about the Turkey, and social tools. The operator’s staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have via a Viber account that’s been installed on the device, delivery will be done before one day of service date to hotel receptions, and guests will leave the tablets to reception end of the service.
Visit Turkey's most popular spots on your own schedule.
Enjoy on the go with digital guides and audio tours.
GPS Navigation with upto date LOI and traffic maps.
Stay connected with unlimited 3G speed internet and connect up to devices anywhere in Turkey.
Make use of all the useful applications and information at your fingertips.
Delivery and pick-up from your hotel anywhere in Turkey.
Meeting/pick-up point: Delivery one day prior to date of service and collection from customer’s hotels.
Languages: English.

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Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Turkish Bath
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Relax and pamper yourself in a traditional Turkish bath or hammam.
These baths have existed in Turkey since ancient times and for a very good reason - they are the best way to refresh one’s mind, body and soul. They are also great for boosting your tan, as exfoliating the skin will encourage the tanning process.
With this package, you will be driven to one of the best local hammam’s, where you will receive a warm welcome with a delicious glass of apple tea. Change into your swimwear in a cubicle, wrap yourself in a towel and step into the marble-tiled steam room. Then, sit on a heated marble bench and let the warm steam open your pores and ease the toxins from your skin as you begin this pleasant detox experience.
Lie on a warm stone slab for an invigorating body scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and renewed and treat yourself to a relaxing water massage in a pool of warm, soapy bubbles. You will come away feeling utterly relaxed and refreshed looking a million dollars. There is an optional oil massage available for an extra charge.
The package includes: transport to and from the hotel, a welcome glass of apple tea, a body scrub and a water massage.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel.
Pick-up time: At 10am in the morning and at 4pm in the afternoon.
Duration: 2 hours approx.
Not included: Cream and other body massages, drinks, tips to hammam masseur, personal expenses.
Others: Price includes sauna, steam-room, soap massage & scrubbing experience, travel insurance, one hot drink. Swimwear and towels are provided. Shower, WC and drinking facilities are available in the bath.

Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim - Unlimited Internet Acceess
Escursioni a Altinkum - Didim: Why search for hotspot when you can take one with you? With our mobile hotspot devices you can easily connect your tablet, laptop, smartphone or other devices to the internet while on the go.
There’s an unlimited internet access (fair usage applies) and you do not need to worry about roaming charges. You can freely surf the internet, use favorite chat applications, stay connected with friends via social networks.
You can travel like a local, stay connected, and have more fun when you use a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot.
The hotspot comes with unlimited 3G internet access and a sharing option with 10 other devices via Wi-Fi. Sharing with 10 devices lets you and your group all connected during the trip without worrying about getting lost or losing connection.
The operator’s staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have via a Whats-App, Viber, Telegram, or e-mail during your rental.
Get all the benefits of fast internet access anywhere without any roaming charges.
Surf at speeds of up to 21 Mbps, download or upload as much as you like*.
Connect up to ten devices at the same time.
Use free powerbank for re-charging any device during the day.
Re-charge by USB or mobile charger.
Delivery and pick-up from your hotel anywhere in Turkey.
Meeting/pick-up point: Delivery to the customer’s hotel day before service.
Others: Customers are to leave the equipment at the hotel reception at the end of the service.

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