Time Travel – Magic Vienna History Tour Excursions à Vienne
Time Travel – Magic Vienna History Tour: Let the history of Vienna come alive before your eyes in a unique history show at Time Travel Vienna. You’ll be whisked from Roman times to the present day with a mixture of 5D cinema, imperial theatre, waltzing and rides. Take a trip down history lane!
Ride through more than 2,000 years of history in the 5D time ride. Fly through a Roman camp at Vindobona, medieval Vienna, the construction of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Turkish Sieges; all brought to life with 3D and special effects. Next, skip to the Habsburg dynasty, and Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph, Maximilian I and Empress Elizabeth will grant you a personal audience at the imperial theatre. You’ll discover how the House of Habsburg became one of the most important dynasties, before making your way to the Waltz Ride. Here you can meet Mozart as he appear before your eyes, and be seduced by the classical tunes that made Vienna the music capital of Europe. Next stop, find out what the Second World War was really like for the Viennese: witness an air raid in an authentic bomb shelter, and celebrate the signing of the Austrian state treaty. The last stop on our historical voyage is a ride over the rooftops of Vienna. See the wonderful capital city from above and gain an insight on the most beautiful landmarks from a different point of view aboard the Fiaker Ride.
With guaranteed fun and action for all the family, feel the sensations and emotions of Viennese history in this highly humorous and entertaining experience.
Duration: 50 minutes.
Start/opening time: Tour start every 20 minutes from 10am to 8pm.
Languages: The entire tour is fully-translated by a new audio guide system and international visitors can go along with each tour Visitors will hear both the tour guides as well as the tour and film texts simultaneously translated by the audio guides in their chosen language. The tour guides speak German. 10 languages to choose from: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Chinese.
Others: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the show start time.



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