Pale Ale Tour Excursions à Tolède
Pale Ale Tour: In the historic city of Toledo, we suggest you visit a very special craft brewery recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise and quality. Beers Domus is one of the companies craft beer pioneer in Spain founded in Toledo in 2007 by the brewmaster Fernando Campoy. in 2008 his first beer marketed under the brand Domus® Regia, one of the first Pale Ale domestic market. Fernando will show proud the factory where the different varieties are produced, a pleasure for our palates in which the selected ingredients are the key to every beer special, like Greco, made with almond, saffron and cinnamon. in the Tap room will enjoy a tasting of up to 4 varieties perfectly paired with products of proximity. it will be exciting to be in front of the barrels fermentation in resting beers created with great enthusiasm and will continue long enough to become jewelry for our palates, you will understand that it has been worth the wait. Domus® means fresh and unique, sublime drink, full of feelings beers. Domus® is an exclusive gastronomic and artisan experience for every palate. Domus® is to convert a reed in a work of authorship.
Meeting/pick-up point: C/Rio Jarama 140b.
Duration: 2 hours.
Start/opening time: At 7pm.
-End/closing time: At 9pm.
Languages: Spanish and English.



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