Carthage Museum - Bardo Excursions à Tunis - Côte de Carthage
Carthage Museum - Bardo: Departure to the Bardo Museum and its superb Roman mosaics, one of the most important collections in the world. The Bardo museum is situated in the old palace of the bey, in what was the countryside before, and offers both itself and and the exhibits to be admired. The tour around the museum is a tour through Tunisian history, though dominated by Punic, Roman and Christian periods.
Continuation to Carthage and remainders of the splendours of Tunisia's past. There will be visits to the gigantic Punic Ports, the Antonin Baths, the Tophet as well as the Theatre. Declared a national monument the town of Carthage and nearby Salammbo abound in vestiges of the Punic and Roman empires, baths, dwellings, temples, shrines and the fabulous naval port of the Carthaginians.
For a thousand years, Phoenicians were masters of the Mediterranean and over 200 war ships and innumerable merchant vessels were sheltered in the nearby port of Salammbo. At its center the Admirals Island still exists and archeologists are reconstituting the pavilion with its shrine and docks. Next to the ports the ancient sanctuary of the goddess Tanit (Tophet) a quiet, shady square of hundreds of funeral steles
Meeting/ pick-up point: From hotels.
Duration: Four-and-a-half hour.
Start/opening time: At 8.00am.
End/closing time: At 12.30pm.
Languages: English, German and Italian



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Sightseeing, tours and museums

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Half-day morning