Oudhna - Zaghouan Excursions à Tunis - Côte de Carthage
Oudhna - Zaghouan: First step of this tour is Oudhna ; Located thirty miles south of Tunis, the ancient city of Uthina is now the domain of agricultural Oudhna. Installed on a slight hill, it overlooks an agricultural plain that stretches between the Jabel Ressas, Jebel Bou Kornine, and Wadi Meliane.
An inscription discovered in the forum of Dougga, tells us that this city was ''splendid'' The city seems to have reached its golden age in the II and IIIes Rev. J. C, and the development of its planning must lie about that time. At the end of antiquity the city collapsed and became a very small village.
The ruins occupy a surface nearly three miles in circumference, covering a hilly plateau; there are the remains of a fortress, cisterns, an aqueduct, triumphal arch, theatre, amphitheatre, basilica with a circular crypt, bridge, etc. Many mosaics are to be found there.
Then continuation to Zaghouan knowen by It’s Temple of Water ; The Romans once called the town “Ziqua” given its link to Djebel Zaghouan, from which several natural water sources originate. The water sources have been used since Roman times as a reservoir for the city of Carthage.
Zaghouan thrived in Roman times through what is now known as the Temple of Water, which was built during the time of King Hadrian who ruled over the country from 117 until 138 A. D. Water sources still spring from below the temple. Roman aqueducts supplied water to Carthage over a distance of 90 kilometers from the temple.
Meeting/ pick-up point: From hotels.
Duration: Five hours.
Start/opening time: At 7.30am.
End/closing time: At 12.30pm.



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