From Matamir to Nawamis: Sinai Desert Camel Trek Excursions à Sharm el Sheikh -Dahab
From Matamir to Nawamis: Sinai Desert Camel Trek: Meet your Bedouin cameleers and begin your camel trek across the Sinai Desert towards Mount Matamir. The scenery along the way is pretty breathtaking: the land is virtually silent and the landscape is vast and rugged, with sandstone valley walls in the distance and open views as far as you can see. Meander along with the slow pace of the camels, enjoying the soft sand and tranquil atmosphere of the Sinai Desert.
Upon arrival at Mount Matamir we’ll set up a small camp and you’ll have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area while lunch is prepared, but you very well may want to stick around and see how the Bedouins do it. This style of food preparation is unique to the Bedouin nomads, and their techniques are interesting to watch and participate in. You’ll have the opportunity to learn to prepare and bake traditional Bedouin bread, and watch as the rest of the meal is cooked on the open fire. In true Bedouin style, we’ll eat our lunch around the campfire.
After lunch, take some time to relax before our walk up Mount Matamir to see extraordinary panoramas. Your guide will point out interesting places of reference, and provide information on the wadis, local regions, and other points of interest you’ll see in the view. From here, we’ll head back to camp for some Bedouin tea before reuniting with our camel buddies for a trek to the ancient tombs of Nawamis. These tombs are thought to be about 5,500 years old, and are the oldest intact standing roofed buildings in the world (say that ten times fast!). The tombs all face west, in accordance with the sunset, paralleling the end of the sun with the end of life, an indication of meaning behind ancient Egyptian burial practices. You’ll have time to walk around the tombs before trekking back into the Bedouin desert ‘dwelling village’, where you’ll meet local women and children and share tea with them in their homes. From there, our Egyptian desert adventure will wind to a close, with a camel trek back to the initial meeting point, where your return transportation to Sharm el-Sheikh awaits.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up from your hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh.
Duration: 11 hours.
Start/opening time: At 7:30 am.
End/closing time: At 6:30 – 7:30pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Small groups of a maximum of 12 people.



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