Cachi Full Day Tour Excursions à Salta
Cachi Full Day Tour: Discover the true Argentinian wilderness, travel the mountain roads of the legendary Inca, and walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs with this fantastic day trip to Cachi. With your knowledgeable guide at your side, you'll learn all about the ancient and modern inhabitants of this vast landscape, and experience the Andes for yourself.
Travel through the picturesque Lerma Valley until you reach the small town of El Carril, before continuing to the traditional village of Chicoana, right in the heart of Argentina. Enter the gorge of laurels and make your way to another gorge, the Quebrada de Escoipe. Drive along the small road that clings to the side of the Cuesta del Obispo cliff, and enjoy panoramic views of an enchanted valley, spotting tiny houses with their maize crops and fruit trees. Climb as far as Piedra del Molino, the highest point of your trip at nearly 3400 m above sea level.
Soon you'll arrive in the Los Cardones National Park, where huge cactuses, plentiful fossils and dinosaur tracks await. Here you will also travel one of the ancient Inca roads, the recta de Tin-Tin, with which the Inca maintained an extensive trade network that was all the more impressive considering they did not have any large pack animals or wheeled vehicles. Now paved as part of Highway 33, this ancient road is perfectly straight. At the beautiful old town of Cachi enjoy breathtaking views of the Nevado de Cachi and Payogasta. Visit the Archaeological Museum to learn more about the ancient Inca, and explore the beautiful 19th-century Gothic revival church before retracing your steps to Salta.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel collection.
Duration: Full day tour.
Start/opening time: Pick-up at 7am.
Languages: Private tour: English, Spanish, French and German. Shared tour: English and Spanish.



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