Bio Bay Kayak Excursions à Ile de Porto Rico
Bio Bay Kayak: Discover one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world in his once in a lifetime experience. Bio Bay at Las Croabas is home to millions of dinoflagellates, microscopic organ-isms that release a bright blue burst of light when they come into contact with another organism. Paddle a kayak through the sparkling, luminescent water as. The galaxy painted across the shore by these tiny marine microbes is nothing short of breath-taking; a truly magical experience.
You’ll be picked up from your hotel shortly before sunset and driven to the bay of Las Croabas. During the journey your professional guide will explain the incredible natural phenomenon of these dinoflagellates—fragile microorganisms that produce a bright burst of blue light when they come into contact with another organism. Learn all about the nutrients provided by the surrounding mangroves, and what causes the shallow and protected waters to appear so bright with millions of these single-celled glowing creatures.
Then once we arrive you’ll jump aboard a kayak and paddle through the mangrove lagoons beneath the darkening sky. As you run your hands through the warm water, you’ll see the tiny organisms light up and sparkle, a once in a lifetime experience. The myriad stars lighting up the night sky and the galaxy painted across the bay, the balmy breeze and the sweeping beams of the nearby Fajardo lighthouse make for a truly memorable evening. Then after exploring the magic of this natural wonder, you’ll rejoin your bus for the trip back to your hotel. Please note that the local Department of Natural Resources does not allow swimming in the bay.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: Three hours.
Start/opening time: 5:70pm or 7:30pm, depending on time of sunset.
Languages: The tour is available in English and Spanish please advise at the time of booking the language you would like to take the tour in.
Others: Wear comfortable clothes, swim suit, walking or boat shoes, water proof camera and towel. You must be in good physical condition and able to row a kayak. Swimming is prohibited by law. Children must be 7 years and older to participate. Weight limit 500 pounds per kayak. Not recommended for pregnant women.



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