Bukovik Hiking Tour - Private Excursions à Sarajevo
Bukovik Hiking Tour - Private: Join us for an unforgettable and optimally comfortable hiking experience of Bukovik! If you’re interested in experiencing this part of Bosnia in a powerful, adventurous and unique way then this trip is for you!
Sarajevo has it all – surrounding mountains with lush green landscapes, unspoiled nature, incredible views and enchanting forests that are home to wolves and wild animas. This tour takes us at 1,532 meters above sea level to Bukovik which is the highest peak of the mountain, Sarajevo’s Ozren. It lies northeast of Sarajevo. The whole region is under floral mountain pasturages and significant areas with pinewood and partly mixed forest. This region has been one of the Sarajevo citizens’ favourite excursion sites from the hikers, alpinists, speleologists to hunters. There are a number of different paths and mountain roads in the region. Anyway, this whole area is rich with smaller and larger streams and springs of unpolluted water. One of those areas is Skakavac nature monument with a waterfall 98 meters high.
Prepare to take some amazing photos! The area bounds with significant natural values, unique eco-climate water regime phenomenon, high degree of biological diversity, endemic and relicts species of plants, mushrooms and animals. Opulence of wildlife hunting animals is also evident as well as the extremely valuable and rare birds. There is a relay station up on Bukovik's summit which offers a spectacular view of Sarajevo and the surrounding mountains and, on a perfectly clear day, the peak of Mount Durmitor in Montenegro can also be seen. The area around Bukovik is covered by grasslands and conifer and mixed forests; plus, wild game and rare species of birds can be seen.
Ideal for walking and hiking, it has recently become popular among those who love mountain biking.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: 8 hours.
Pick-up time: At 8am.
Drop-off time: At 4pm.
Languages: English.



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