Palermo City Tour from Cefalú Excursions à Sicile
Palermo City Tour from Cefalú: Come and see Sicily's pride and joy, in this enchanting tour through a city loved for its rich history and culture
* Explore the exciting city of Palermo
* Let the expert guide tell the fascinating tale of its past
* See all the must-see landmarks in just one tour!
Spend the day walking around Sicily's cultural, economic and touristic capital. Roam the busy streets and engage with everyday local life in the city. Due to its important position in the Mediterranean, Palermo has been invaded multiple times leaving an array of many different cultures and influences. Some of these invaders include the Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Saracen Arabs. For example, admire its collection of beautiful architecture around you, featuring a wonderful mixture of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque influences taking the form of churches and buildings.
It's easy to feel overwhelmed with the immense selection of things to do and see, but don't worry the expert guide will lead you to all the iconic landmarks whilst helping you relive its history whilst you walk in its very footsteps. Your whole day will feel like an adventure, from finding buildings untouched from World War 2 bombings to Arabian influences markets still bearing the vibrant fragrance and colours of its invaders, the contrast is just uncanny.
Full of artistic delight, this city offers something for everyone and is a truly unique gem to the Mediterranean.
Meeting point: At the entrance of Cefalu’ sea Palace at 7.30am, Htl del Paradiso/Villa Belvedere and Santa Lucia & le sabbie D’oro at 7.35am, Costa verde at 7.40am en tunnel below hotel, Fiesta garden beach at 7.50am outside htl Athenèe gate, Fiesta Athenee Palace at 7.50 outside htl gate .
Duration: Approx. 10 hours.
Start/opening time: The tour is available on Thursdays at 7.30am.
Languages: English.



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Cruises and water sports

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Full day