Valencia Bioparc Excursions à Salou Area / Costa Dorada
Valencia Bioparc: Bioparc Valencia is a zoological park of a new generation, created according to the concept of zoo-immersion:getting the visitor completely in wild habitats. The barriers are hidden, giving a sense of continuity between the enclosures in which the animals live and the space that the public occupies. Currently it is possible to enjoy the extensive African savannah, wandering among herds of antelopes, giraffes and rhinos while a pride of lions watches over the vast grassland from its rocky summit. Visitor will also discover life underground, around an imposing termite mound, exploring the burrows of aardvarks, warthogs and hyenas. Also there is possible to venture into the thick equatorial forest in search of gorillas, tread next to leopards and buffalos and follow the footpath of the elephants to a cave excavated by these pachyderms. Cross the bridge over the lake and the adventure begins!.
Start/opening time: 10 am.



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