Kickstart Tour of Rome - Private Excursions à Rome
Kickstart Tour of Rome - Private: First time in Rome and want to know where to go? Or just not enough time for a full tour? Let a local introduce you to all the best Rome has to offer! After all those blogs or information pages you’ve ploughed through on the internet, this is your chance to truly get a unique head start of your experience in bella Roma!
Wander past the magnificent Circo Massimo, visit the Orange Garden for an amazing city view and finish your private tour at the best local café in Trastevere. Along the route, you can ask all your questions to help you and your friends get the best out of your holiday in Rome. Really, you can ask anything! After all, it’s the locals who know best!
Looking for the best local restaurant unknown to tourists? Or do you want to know which districts are really up-and-coming and worth a visit? And what about the best time to go to the Colosseum - that’s definitely some useful information to have when in Rome! With a local you can get to know all this, plus many other unique insights about history, food, culture and the must-do’s or must-avoids.
The awesome locals can’t wait to introduce you to their beautiful city and share local tips & tricks with you. All of them can personalize the route 100% for you and your group if you have specific wishes.
Just pick your preferred date, starting time and the private guide you like most and get ready for an awesome kickstart introduction to Rome!
Walk around the most magnificent monument of Rome: the Colosseum
Have a look at the amazing details on the arch of Constantine
Wander past the enormous Circo Massimo
Enjoy a breathtaking view at the Orange Garden
Enter the stunning Santa Sabina Church
Walk across the famous Ponte Rotto Bridge
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Start/opening time: At 10am or 3pm.
Languages: English.