Tour of Tiber Island and the underground of St Nicholas in Prison Excursions à Rome
Tour of Tiber Island and the underground of St Nicholas in Prison: Take a tour underground to the Rome that few people see and encounter another world full of history, intrigue and excitement. Many sites in Rome lying under street level have been excavated to reveal a treasure of heritage, waiting for you to discover. With this tour, we take you to Tiber Island and the underground to the Church of St Nicholas in Prison.
Over the centuries, earthquakes, fires and floods have caused the ground level of many areas to rise (up to 25 metres), resulting in entire villas, temples and palaces being buried. These mysterious parts of the city have now been opened up and are waiting to be discovered. Learn about the legends behind Tiber Island, one of two islands on the river, on how it came to be and make your mind up as to which you believe most! Connected to the city via bridges since antiquity, the island used to be home to only the worst criminals and most contagiously ill, but everything changed once a temple was erected on the island.
Your expert guide will lead you to the next point on the tour, where you descend under the cobblestones of Baroque Rome at the Church of St Nicholas in Prison. Completely unique in the world, your guide will regale you with the fascinating history attached to the temples that are probably the most ancient in Rome. Head underground to a well-trodden path, which the Romans used to get to the nearby market, and your eyes will open to a whole new world.
Duration: Two hours.
Start/opening time: At 10.30am.
End/closing time: At 12.30pm.
Languages: English.

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Cruises and water sports

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