Crypts and Catacombs and Dark Heart of Rome Excursions à Rome
Crypts and Catacombs and Dark Heart of Rome: Leave behind the commotion of the city and escape to three of the most outlandish and unforgettable places in the Eternal City of Rome. Join the Dark Hearts of Rome tour for the opportunity to uncover the burial grounds that lie deep beneath the city and the histories that accompany them.
* Visit the ancient Roman catacombs from the 2nd century AD
* Spend time at the Basilica San Clemente
* Explore the Capuchin Crypt, otherwise known as the “Bone Chapel”
As darkness sets over Rome, a different city comes to light, a city of mystery and legend that this tour will help you to uncover. Start at the Roman Catacombs, where the extensive network of tunnels that snakes beneath the city was once a burial ground and hiding place for the first Christians of Rome. They were a place of refuge under the tyrannical Emperor Nero.
Next is a visit to the Basilica San Clemente, a 12th century Basilica which has an equally fascinating history: that of a priest who thought he heard water running in the basilica, only to discover several years later a 1st century Roman aqueduct.
Then you move on to the Capuchin Crypt, known also as the Bone Chapel because the Capuchin monks used the bones of 4,000 of their brothers to decorate it. Witness a real bone chandelier. Whether it is art or morbidity, it is something that will not be forgotten in a hurry. You then have a pause to stroll, enjoy some dinner or reflect on the trip so far, before our expert guide will traverse the Tiber with you and meander through the endless Roman piazzas, sharing even more stories of murder, execution and mystery that are central to the history of Rome. Meeting/pick-up point: Crypts and Catacombs: In the center of Piazza Barberini, by the large Triton (Tritone) fountain. Piazza Barberini is located at the metro stop “Barberini” on metro line A (red line). Dark Heart of Rome: On the steps of the church San Andrea della Valle.
Duration: Crypts and Catacombs: 3.5hours. Dark Heart of Rome: 1.5 hours. The tour takes 8.15 hours in total.
Start/opening time: Crypts and Catacombs: at 2.30pm. Dark heart of Rome: From 27/03/2016 - 29/10/2016 at 9pm, -from 30/10/2016 - 25/03/207 at 8pm.
Languages: English.
Others: All transfers in an air-conditioned coach ( Only for Crypts & Catacombs Tour). Included: Tickets for the Catacombs of Rome, Basilica San Clemente and The Capuchin ‘Bone Chape.



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