Pizza Making from Sorrento Excursions à Côtes Napolitaines
Pizza Making from Sorrento: 75 minutes in pleasant company by learning how do you PIZZA!
Will be held at Bouganvillea restaurant & bar which is on the Corso Italia next to Chaplins Irish bar. It begins with the arrival of the group in the department pizzeria providing them with apron and disposable headset.
The program includes production from mixing the ingredients, the sauce, cooking and consumption of the same accompanied by soft drink or glass of wine or beer. During the execution of the various steps taken by the participants, the master pizzaiolo give various tips to make a good pizza at home!
Gadgets for the guest: apron and Pizza School Certificate Of Participation.
Meeting/pick-up point: Bougainvillea Restaurant.
Duration: 75 minutes.
Start/opening time: Daily at 11am.
Languages: English.



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Half-day morning