Visit to Rome with dinner from Sorrento Excursions à Côtes Napolitaines
Visit to Rome with dinner from Sorrento: Travel to Castellammare, via Piano di Sorrento and Meta. Join motorway at Castellammare and head towards Naples then onto Rome. During the journey the guide will go through the itinerary for the day and customers have a 20 minute comfort stop. Total journey time approx. 3½ to 4 hours.
Upon arrival in Rome the guide gives a partial guided tour on the coach of the city until they reach the Vatican City, approx. 12.00 noon the coach heads straight for the parking area from where the guide escorts customers on foot to St Peter's Square and gives them their bearings and provides information for those who would like to take the lift and stairs to the top of the Basilica's dome where the views over the Vatican city and Rome are fabulous.
Customers then have 3 hours to themselves to go off and explore, the options open to them are to: Visit the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel, visit the Basilica, visit the tombs under the Basilica where past Popes are laid to rest, visit the “Cupola” the area at the very top of the Basilica's dome (this involves a ride in the lift followed by 320 claustrophobic steps), browse around the shops and stalls selling books and souvenirs, lunch break is during the 3 hours free time (packed lunch). Meeting up with the guide after the 3 hours, customers are then taken across the city to the Colosseum.
Here they have 1 hour’s free time. Customers rejoin the coach after the visit to the Colosseum for the return journey to Sorrento which includes a comfort stop of approx 45 minutes where guests have the option of having something to eat and spending time off the coach needed after a long day and long coach journey.
Meeting/ pick-up point: c/o Achille Lauro Parking Area– Correale street-Sorrento.
Start/opening time: At 7.20am.
End/closing time: return at 10pm – 11pm.
Others: Entrance fees not included.



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Gastronomy, wine and nightlife

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Full day