Over Day Satayah Snorkelling Excursions à Marsa Alam- Qusseir
Over Day Satayah Snorkelling: Located at the South East of the Fury Shoal Reefs, it is more than 06 KM Long Reef Plateau. The Plateau starts from the West to the East Shaped like huge Boomerang, has a deep Wall facing the Wind from the north direction, creating a very Quiet Shallow, Turquoise Lagoon at the Southern Side.
Under the Turquoise Surface of the Lagoon, on the White Sandy Bottom, formations of Colorful Coral Reef, Lots of different Species of Fishes , Big and Small. School of Spinner dolphins are taking this Lagoon as their territory to live inside it. And they go out to feed on the fishes that are living on the deep part outside the Reef.
Fish life here is excellent. Schooling fish of all types are seen in large numbers, while reef-dwellers, such as angelfish and butterflies, provide flashes of color. Cuttlefish and shrimps put in an appearance for the invertebrates, and blue spotted and black spotted stingrays are common.
Sharks of several types can also frequently be spotted here, and there are regular reports of dolphins along the reef or inside the lagoon.
Meeting/pick-up point: At 4:40am from hotel Medina Coraya.
Duration: Nearly 14 hours.
Start/opening time: Saturday and Wednesday at 4:40am.
End/closing time: At 18:30pm.
Voucher validity: 1 day.
Others: Cameras & video cameras are not allowed at valley of kings. Alternative in case of conditions which affect the activity operation.



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