Sigulda Sightseeing Tour Excursions à Riga
Sigulda Sightseeing Tour: Sigulda is often called the Latvian Switzerland. In summer and spring you can walk along the picturesque banks of the river Gauja and explore the main place of interest in Sigulda – the mighty medieval Turaida castle. The castle is an architectural monument of the 13th century. In winter, Sigulda is a center for Latvia winter sports like skiing, bobsled, and others.
During this tour you will have a chance to visit: the most visited museum of Latvia - Turaida museum reserve, where you can get acquainted with expositions concerning archaeology, culture and art history, which tell the story of events that have occurred during last 1000 years; Sigulda castle complex which was built in 1207 as a castellum type fortress. Today it is possible to climb up the North Tower and the Main Gate Tower, walk on the castle walls and enjoy the medieval aura; Bobsleigh and ludge track Sigulda - one of few buildings of this kind in the world. Its length is 1420 meters, track has 16 curves and 200m long braking distance. Siguda can safely be called an Olympic city - the inhabitants of Sigulda have won Olympic medals in both the skeleton, ludge, and bobsleigh. On the way to and from Sigulda you will also see the Gutman's cave (biggest cave in Baltics) and Gauja national park, as well as Walking-stick park, which is a tribute to Sigulda's most popular souvenir.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up.
Duration: 5 hours.
Others: Entrance tickets not included.



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