Revolution Road from Yangon - Private Tour Excursions à Yangon - South
Revolution Road from Yangon - Private Tour: Your tour begins at the spiritual heart of Myanmar, Shwedagon pagoda. Delve deeper into the surrounding area with a visit to the tombs of some of the country’s most influential leaders, including U Thant and General Aung San. Five minutes walking distance you will see U Thant Mausoleum (Note: Open on Tue & Thursday- 9 Am to 3 Pm, Sat & Sunday- 11 Pm – 5Pm, the rest of the day can see the only outside area. Afterwards you can see Su Phayar Latt Mausoleum (Wife of the last Burmese King Hsibaw), Daw Khin Kyi Mausoleum (Wife of General Aung San) and Tha Khin Ko Taw Hmine Mausoleum. Just another 5 minutes walking distance to see Bahadur Shah Mausoleum, Emperor of Delhi (Popularly known as Zafar Shah) who died at Yangon 7th November 1868 and his wife Zinath Mahal died at Yangon 17 July 1886. The last tomb is Bo Gyoke Aung San Mausoleum.
Afterwards visit Aung San Old House, the former residence of General Aung San. The home now houses Myanmar’s most fascinating memorabilia of the former independence leader. Lunch at House Of Memories Restaurant to delicious Burmese cuisine served in a historic colonial home filled with relics from Myanmar’s history.
After lunch visit the former U. N. Secretary General’s, U Thant, house, who brought Myanmar to the world’s conscious during his tenure. Next, head to Yangon University’s convocation hall, where the history of bloody student and monk protest contrast with Obama’s historic address in November 2012. After years of being closed Yangon University has reopened to students so clients can only visit the building’s exterior.
Make a photo-stop at Aung Sun Su Kyi’s house. Known as The Lady, Aung Sun Su Kyi has become the symbol for Myanmar’s march towards democracy. End the day with a visit to the National League of Democracy headquarters, the political party that furiously fought for civil liberties for all citizens. Afterwards you have the option of discussing Myanmar’s past, present and future at She Ya Tha tea shop.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotels in Yangon city center.
Start/opening time: At approximately 9am.
End/closing time: At approximately 4am.
Languages: English.



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