Fishing Excursion - Punta Cana Excursions à Punta Cana
Fishing Excursion - Punta Cana: If you’re a fan of Trolling Fishing, join us and don’t let this wonderful experience get away. All the gear you’ll need is on board. What’s in the water will depend on the season, but you could be reeling in anything from a toothy Barracuda to a White Marlin.
Several world records have been broken here, so you never know your luck!
* Fishermen & Observers: Shared charters for single fishermen/observers runs for 4 hours each with maximum 10 participants (7 fisherman and 3 observers)/ each fisherman on shared charter can be accompanied by maximum 1 observer.
* 4HRS Private Charter runs with groups of maximum 8 participants / Private Charters of 5, 6, 7 and 8 hours runs with groups of maximum 4 participants / all private charter rates include: crew, sandwich or fruits, beer, water, soft drinks, rum, baits and fishing tackle / 8 hours private charter also includes snacks on board.
* Trolling fishing, not bottom fishing; therefore participants do not take a stick to themselves or holds until a fish is hooked on the line.
*7 fishing rods available per boat, but not always the ocean conditions allow pulling all the lines. In case of not using the 7 lines, the captain will use as many as he considers reasonable as these begin to entangle with each other. Customers will be called in turns.
* Each craft has 6 flares, 12 lifejackets, 7 fishing rods, hooks and a dozen bait, artificial bait, radio communication, music, telephone for crew, a first aid kit, safety and health procedures in case of an emergency on the door or window to read, fire extinguishers and GPS.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel reception.
Duration: Shared Charter for Fishermen and Observers - 4 hours. Private Charters - 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 hours.
Start/opening time: At 8:30am.
End/closing time: Depends of the program booked.
Medical restrictions: This trip is not suitable for pregnant women and those with back problems, as the trip might get bumpy.
Included: Ground transportation, Captain and boat crew, fishing equipment, refreshments (water and soda).
Others: Passengers don’t get the bait in their bait, this is already pre-prepared. Customers never hook or address the fishes into the boat as a security measure. This is done by the sailor or captain. Customers do not have any contact with the fish until the boat is in stationary buoy. The catch/fish is always owned by the crew. If a customer gets dizzy and is not a charter, the captain will proceed to talk to the rest of the participants. The possibility to return will be only available if the rest of the participants agree to. Medicine for dizziness is not included. Drinks are self-served. Crew: boat has one captain and one sailor. Customers should bring comfortable shoes and clothes, sun glasses, sunscreen, towel, camera, extra money for tips and souvenirs.



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