Essential Pack: City Canal tour, Portobelo and Folklore of Panama Dinner Excursions à Panamá
Essential Pack: City Canal tour, Portobelo and Folklore of Panama Dinner: Get the most out of Panama and take this Essential Pack that brings together three must-do tours.
* Discover the history behind one of the most ambitious engineering projects: the Panama Canal
* Travel to the Spanish colonial forts of Portobelo and San Lorenzo
* Experience authentic Panama with a traditional folkloric dinner
Canal Tour
Discover the history, beauty and sheer magnitude of one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by man. A defining moment in the history of engineering, the Panama Canal revolutionized the sailing world and is still a vital feature in global trade to this day. Led by an expert guide, you will tour the canal’s most important locks, its fascinating museums and exhibitions and finish the tour by taking in some of Panama City’s most inspiring tourist sights.
The tour begins on Panama’s Pacific coast at the Miraflores Locks. Housing a brand new visitors’ centre, this key component of the canal is the ideal point to observe the steady stream of immense vessels that pass through its locks. Take your pick from three separate observation decks to take in all the action.
You will then head into the Miraflores museum, housing four exhibition halls which comprehensively cover all the fascinating history of the canal. From its background and planning, to its ever evolving technology, no stone is left unturned. This is a truly interactive experience including an authentic simulator and a high-tech audiovisual documentary shown in the in-house cinema.
Proceed from the museum to the former military bases of Albrook, now converted into one of Panama’s most fashionable shopping and residential districts, stopping along the way at a traditional local craft market which is perfect for souvenirs. Finally, round off the tour with the most spectacular sight in the whole city at the Cerro Ancon point. Boasting panoramic views of the sprawling metropolis and the canal that dissects it, this is undoubtedly the ideal spot to reflect and appreciate all you have discovered.
Travel to the incredible Spanish colonial forts of Portobelo and San Lorenzo with this day trip from Panama City. Discover the natural beauty of Panama and learn about the huge importance of the canal for world trade and shipping with this fun-filled and fact-packed adventure. Get to know the main historic references on the Atlantic side of Panama, and enjoy a day out in two fascinating places.
Drive out to the National Park and the San Lorenzo Protected Area, where early Europeans constructed huge forts. These Caribbean fortifications were recognised by Unesco as a magnificent example of 17th and 18th century military architecture, built by the Spanish to protect transatlantic trade. Now the old colonial guns lie abandoned, pointing out over the calm waters of the ocean, and moss grows over the old buildings, making for an atmospheric visit ideal for any fans of military history or beautiful buildings.
Panama Folklore Dinner
Discover the colourful culture of the country of Panama and be transported to exotic days gone by at the Folklore of Panama Dinner. Tuck into delicious authentic local cuisine while you enjoy an introduction to the incredible folk dances and music of this fascinating country. You're bound to fall in love with the exotic culture of Panama, with many influences shaping its development into something completely unique.
Panama is a country of contrasts, from the landscape to the culture, from the folk traditions to the food. Learn more about the local treats on offer at this fantastic restaurant, where you'll be entranced by the fantastic music and dancing. Feel the Spanish and African influence in the rhythms of Panamanian dances. Watch the 'devil’s dance' of the diablicos, dating back to the days of the plague in Europe, and the zaracundé, once danced by the slaves brought here from Africa. The cumbias is an African courtship dance that has influenced salsa dancing, and the tamborito, or '‘little drum’ dance is a couple’s dance dating back to the 17th century. Finally, El Punto is full of Spanish influences, and is viewed as one of the most elegant, delicate and romantic dances in all of Panama.
While you watch the dancers bring the history of Panama to life, you'll enjoy a delicious menu of both national cuisine and international favourites. Enjoy tasty chicken stew, plantains, crispy creamy fried yuca, and carimañolas, a yuca fitter with a delicious meat filling. Tender steak, fresh grilled sea bass or chicken breast cooked over charcoals make up the main course, followed by a traditional Panamanian desert and coffee. Travel all over this beautiful landscape and back through centuries of history without leaving your table at the Folklore of Panama Dinner.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at the hotel in Panama. Please contact local team to reconfirm 24 hours in advance.
Duration: Canal tour: 3 hours. Portobelo: Between 9 and 10 hours. Folklore dinner: 2.5 hours.
Start/opening time: Canal tour: Between 8am and 9am. Portobelo: At 6am. Folklore dinner: 7:30pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
-End/closing time: Portobelo: At 6am. Folklore dinner: At 11am.
Languages: English and Spanish. <
Others: Canal tour: This excursion is available only for clients staying within Panama City. For hotels outside of Panama City, please schedule a meeting point. A local tax to access the Panama Canal is payable at the Canal Zone.
Portobelo: Please bring your passport. The entrance and taxes to museums, visitor’s centres and sites are not included in the price.



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