Hot Air Balloon Filght over wonderfull nature Excursions à Prague
Hot Air Balloon Filght over wonderfull nature: Hot air balloon is both serene and thrilling, offering a feeling of freedom which is totally unique. Moving with the wind in a smooth motion, you will gaze down upon villages, castles, lakes and forests, breathtaking views of the countryside landscape. Every hot air balloon landing is celebrated with a champagne toast and a commemorative flight certificate making your experience unforgettable, one that will stay with you for years to come.
Join us for a Hot Air Balloon Flight! We offer you an adventure and you might get even more!
The flight is taking place, mainly, in the vicinity of the picturesque area of Konopišt Castle which is situated 40 km south of Prague. We operate throughout the year but we are only able to fly in favourable weather: rainless, the visibility to be at least 5 km and the wind to be less than 4 m/sec. Morning flights take place no later than 2 hours after the sunrise. Evening flights take place in the last 2 hours before the sunset. We aim to fly for roughly one hour following preparations of about 30 minutes. There is no age limit, however the children must be accompanied by an adult.
The hot air balloon is moving very quietly in the heights from 1 till 500 meters. We are flying with the wind, which has various direction in different heights. Pilot controls the balloon by warming the air inside the envelop and so he changes the height of the flight according to the air layers, taking different direction given by the wind.
After landing and handing over the certificate, you will be transferred by our company´s vehicle back to the starting place. Advisable clothes: we recommend outdoor clothing, depending on the current temperature, and comfortable shoes. A hat or a cap is, also, suggested.
Ballooning is one of the safest means of transports or sports. Furthermore, we always put a strong focus on a professional attitude and passenger safety, i. e. you will be in the hands of very experienced professional pilots.
We are flying in the favorable weather: rainless, good visibility and limitation of wind speed. Morning flights must take place no lather then two hours after sunrise and evening flights no later than two hours before sunset. Flights over the day are not possible because of turbulences caused by the heated atmosphere. Flights over the Prague city are not possible. The flight itself takes approximately 1 hour, but the total time allocated to this activity must be 3-4 hours.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at hotel.
Duration: 4 hours.
Start/opening time: January: sunrise at 7:30am – sunset at 4pm. February: sunrise at 6:50am – sunset at 4:50pm. March: sunrise at 6:40am – sunset at 5:40pm. April: sunrise at 5:40am – sunset at 7:35pm. May: sunrise at 5am – sunset at 8:20pm. June: sunrise at 4:55am – sunset at 9pm. July: sunrise at 5:30am – sunset at 9:15pm. August: sunrise at 6:15am – sunset at 8:45pm. September: sunrise at 7am – sunset at 7:45pm. October: sunrise at 6:50am – sunset at 6:40pm. November: sunrise at 7:35am – sunset at 4:40pm. December: sunrise at 8am – sunset at 4:10pm.
Languages: English.
Others: The service takes place daily all year. Only in case of very bad weather (rain, low visibility, strong wind) can not be realized. Then the tour will be refunded.



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