São Miguel - Walking tour in Praia and Lagoa do Fogo Excursions à Açores
São Miguel - Walking tour in Praia and Lagoa do Fogo: The walking tour of Praia Lagoa do Fogo (Lagoon of Fire) is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the spectacular Azorean Island of San Miguel. You will discover that Praia Lagoa do Fogo is one of the most beautiful lakes of the Azores as well as being the highest above sea level.
Comprising 9 volcanic islands, the remote archipelago of the Azores are set like jewels in the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1500km from the Portuguese coast. These little gems offer a paradisiacal land full of natural splendour surrounded by the never-ending blue of the Atlantic Ocean. Our walking tour takes place in the south-central area of the largest of the 9 islands, San Miguel. You will learn all about the island’s volcanic activity and how it formed the island’s dramatic scenery. Also known as ‘the green island’, Sao Miguel is rich in exotic and endemic flora so keep your camera and binoculars at the ready to spot the laurustinus (Viburnum tinus), the cranberry (Vaccinium cylindraceum), the laurel (Laurus azorica) and the holly (llex perado ssp. Azorica). A part of this walk is done along one of San Miguel’s ancient levadas. The levadas are hand-sculpted thin derivation channels that are cut into the rocks and are designed to transport water around the island.
Marvel at sweeping panoramas as you meet the highest point of the walk and arrive at the Lagoon of Fire. Located at 575m of altitude, the Lagoon of Fire occupies the bottom of the caldera of the volcano of Agua de Pau. This depression has 3km of diameter, and 100 to 300 meters of depth. It was formed a staggering 15 000 years ago, whilst its present configuration took place about 5 000 years ago, and it last erupted in 1563. In the shimmering waters of the lake you can look out for species of fish like the carp (Cyprinus carpio) and the rainbow trout (Salmo irideos) whilst on its banks you can observe sea birds such as the gull (Larus cachinnans) and the common tern (Stern hirundo) nest.
Meeting/pick-up point: In front of the Tourism Board (Avenida d. Henrique-Ponta Delgada).
Duration: Eight hours approx.
Start/opening time: 9am.
End/closing time: 5pm.
Languages: English or Portuguese-speaking guide. Other languages on request (Spanish, French, German and Dutch).
Others: Activity only available on the island of São Miguel.



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