Fury Snorkel Reef Excursions à Rivière Maya / Playa del Carmen
Fury Snorkel Reef: Set sail to two of the most spectacular snorkelling sites in Cozumel, Cardona Reef and Palancar Reef. And the snorkelling is not the only highlight of the trip; glide towards these paradisiacal sites aboard this dazzling catamaran, twenty meters of custom-built luxury. We also take you to the relaxing Playa del Carmen; altogether, the best way to explore the beautiful island of Cozumel.
You will receive a brief but comprehensive instruction on the use of first class snorkelling equipment from the charismatic crew. These friendly chaps will also dive into the crystal clear waters with you. The sea is indeed so pristine that, once inside, you can see as far as 30 meters underwater.
Admire the awe-inspiring coral formations and the motley coloured array of marine life that brings unparalleled vitality and colour to the reefs. See some of the most exotic fish in the area, from the Queen Angel Fish and the Stoplight Parrot fish to the stunning Blue Tangs.
After snorkelling, lie back as we sail over the private white powder beach and indulge in our free all-you-can-drink beers, margaritas, sodas and purified waters. You can even waddle over to the beach to chill out in a hammock under the shade of a Mexican palapa; play a game of volleyball; bask in the delightful Mexican sun; or even explore the breath-taking waters in a kayak. You can also enjoy a hearty lunch on the beach and enjoy a taste of paradise.
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel Cozumeleño Pier/ Cozumel Downtown Ferry Pier.
Duration: Four-and-a-half hours.
Start/opening time: 1pm.
Languages: English and Spanish.



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