Chambre d'Hôtel Décorée de Manière Romantique - Bienvenu a Paris Excursions à Paris
Chambre d'Hôtel Décorée de Manière Romantique - Bienvenu a Paris: Treat your loved one and transform your hotel room into a real love nest. Celebrate your love and the years you have spent together with a romantically decorated hotel room. Rose petals, candles and a sweet treat will give them a surprise they won’t forget.
* Room decoration before or during your stay
* Everything you need to create a romantic atmosphere
* Includes macarons, rose petals and candles
Book the Welcome to Paris “atmosphere” and our team will decorate your room either before your arrival or during your stay. Make your romantic getaway in Paris all that more romantic with these specially designed themes to give you a warm welcome to Paris.
As soon as your beloved opens the door they will be filled with amazement as they follow the trail of rose petals guiding them into the room. Candles and scattered petals help create that all important atmosphere and ambience that will make your stay in Paris extra special.
* 6 macarons
* 50 artificial rose petals
* 4 LED candles
Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel.
Meeting time: Upon request.
Opening days/period: Daily. Others: Hotels must be located in the centre of Paris whose postcode starts with 75. Clients need to call and inform the supplier at what hotel are they staying and when they wish to have their room decorated. Customers must advise the hotel on which date the service is to take place in order for them to allow access.



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