Horse riding through Asturias Excursions à Les Asturies
Horse riding through Asturias: You can cross the whole of Asturias in about two hours by car, but this is a region of uninterrupted and ever-changing beauty that is more than worth discovering. Take time to explore its landscape on horseback with trails that cross through lush forests and the dramatic Sueve Range for an experience that will be well worth your time.
Saddle up, hop on one of our horses and let them guide you off the beaten track. By following your instinct and not the herd, you’ll get to know the Asturian landscape like no other. Ride along the trails with one of the most inspiring backgrounds in the world: the Picos de Europa and the Sueve Range. The verdant wooded areas of the Sueve Range contrast with the limestone massif rising spectacularly out of the ground, creating a unique landscape that you’ll only see in Asturias. Gently trot along the abundant flora that characterises the area with elm, maple, yew, beech and ash trees by your side, and you might be lucky enough to spot the many animals that call this beautiful region their home. The famous Asturcones, an ancient and purebred horse, roam free around the area and you’ll get a taste for their freedom as we peacefully ride through forests and mountains. With the breathtaking sight of the Picos de Europa in the distance, we lead the way along the hidden trails that cross Asturias, leaving only your worries and hoofprints behind you.
Duration: One hour approximately.
Languages: Spanish.



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Outdoor activities and adventure

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Half-day morning