The Field Museum Excursions à Chicago - IL
The Field Museum: Delve into one of the largest natural history museum in the world: the Field Museum in Chicago. This vast museum maintains its status as a premier natural history because of its impressive size and the high quality of the educational and scientific programs, as well as the fascinating exhibitions, extensive scientific specimen and artefact collections.
Enjoy the amazing and exclusive exhibitions that attract up to two million visitors per year. They include a range of the world’s earliest fossils and exhibits on past and current culture from around the world, as well as interactive programming which demonstrates today’s urgent and important conservation needs.
You will enrich your knowledge as you discover the professionally maintained collections of over 24 million specimen and the objects that provide the basis for the museum’s invaluable scientific research programs. Walk around and admire the full range of beautiful gems and the rich anthropological collections, as well as fascinating cultural artefacts from across the globe. Enjoy the exhibitions which portray the story of life on earth and solve the scientific mysteries of the world. See the full range of existing biodiversity, meteorites and fossils. From dinosaurs to DNA, take a journey that spans billions of years at Chicago’s field museum. You will love the interactive exhibits and the interesting artefacts.
At the Field Museum, visitors of every age will have fun, there is something special about this venue that will catch the attention of people of even those who don’t consider themselves museum lovers.
Meeting/pick-up point: 1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60605.
Start/opening time: Open all year round from Monday through Friday at 9am.
End or closing time: At 5pm.
Others: Closed on Christmas day. The Discovery Pass Ticket includes access into the main museum plus one special exhibition (Underground Adventure. )



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