Visite de la ville Invicta de Porto en minibus Excursions à Porto and North of Portugal
Visite de la ville Invicta de Porto en minibus: Spend a day in the artistic and glamourous city of Porto, a place full of creativity, culture and a wonderful mixture of contemporary and classic architecture. See all the most iconic landmarks that really define modern-day Porto
* A delightful tour of Porto City
* See all the city’s hotspots including the cathedral and São Bento Railway Station
* Indulge in a traditional lunch
* Let your guide fascinate you with facts and stories as you roam these magical streets
Step into a surreal world, where public art is everywhere, from the traditional azulejos (hand painted blue and white murals) to the inspirational pictures sprayed onto medieval walls. At every turn there’s something new to see. Observe the city where the Douro River meets the expansive Atlantic, situated on a charming riverbank, full of imposing towers and architecture. Admire the blue-tiled 14th Century churches along with its typical squares and parks. Come and find out why so many tourists fall in love with Porto and its culture.
See the Porto Cathedral, a reflection of its people from the 12th Century and with a prominent Romanesque structure. Take note of how it is composed of many different architectural influences from over the ages including its baroque turrets or the loggia designed by Nicolau Nasoni in the 18th Century. Visit the magnificent São Bento Railway Station, famous for its azulejos which cover the station’s walls and depict important scenes from Portugal’s history.
Next we’ll uncover Clérigos Church, or a literal translation of “Church of the Clergymen. ” See how this Baroque church conquers the city with its tall bell tower, visible from many parts of the city and is one of the most symbolic characteristics of Porto. Last but not least, a trip to Porto would not be complete without experiencing the Port Wine cellars, see where the magic takes place to make such an intricate and flavorful beverage.
Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up-outside reception hotel in Gaia around 8.50am in Oporto around 9am.
Duration: Nine hours.
Languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.
Others: Includes: entries in Clérigos tower and port wine cellars and lunch in a traditional restaurant. The tour might vary depending on weather conditions or events that could take place in certain dates. From the 1st January 2016 the "Rabelo Boat ride" is optional.



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