Mosque - Cathedral of Cordoba tour Excursions à Cordoue
Mosque - Cathedral of Cordoba tour: Journey into Cordoba’s past and discover the fascinating history behind the city’s most famous and emblematic monument: the Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. Take a tour inside and around this mesmerising space that shows you the details and features of both its eventful past and architecture.
The tour starts in the Courtyard of the Orange Trees, where their sweet aroma invites you in to discover the treasures inside. Its construction was originally ordered on the site of a Visigoth church by Emir Abd-el-Rahman I in 786 AD. It was intended as an airy space where Muslim people could engage and its style was to reflect that of his forefathers. Extensions to the mosque were eventually completed and after nine centuries its construction was finally finished; bringing to life one of the most extraordinary buildings in the world.
It has been a Catholic cathedral since the 13th century and today you can walk around its labyrinth of arches and arcades. With every step and every corner you turn a different and magnificent view awaits. Look between the 856 columns, out of the original 1293, and through its arcades that give the building a sense of infinitude, as your guide regales you with an overview of its historical highlights. One of the best examples of Moorish art in Spain, its ornate interior and characterful history will not disappoint. Admire the prayer hall, Mihrab, the many chapels and the mahogany choir stalls as you delve deeper into the building’s past. Enter and leave through the only door in use out of the original 19, and witness firsthand how it has dramatically transformed over the centuries.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Patio de los Naranjos (next to the Olive tree near the fountain).
Duration: Approx. one hour.
Start/opening time: Available from Tuesday to Saturday at 1.15pm.



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Sightseeing, tours and museums

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Half-day afternoon