Brooklyn Tour In French Excursions à New York Area - NY
Brooklyn Tour In French: Amateurs of street art (graphic arts that express themselves in the street), rejoice, Bushwick became the stomping ground of the best graffiti artists in the world, it is a true open-air museum! And this is even more true since the site of 5 Pointz (former outdoor art space located in Hunters Point) was razed.
And if you are not familiar street art or have a bad image, the opportunity is given to you to understand this form of expression born in the 1970s (New York precisely!), An art that has ceased 'evolve to the point of being considered today as an equal with the work of the most recognized artists. Besides, the name of Banksy, one of the most iconic graffiti artists, is you may not abroad . . .
And what of Williamsburg, the area where the hipsters are more than ever the time to live and launch despite themselves new modes . . . Boutiques vintage, coffee shops trendy, artisans bio . . . Williamsburg is an invitation to slow down, take your time and to rediscover the taste of simple and natural things.
Start/opening time: At 2:30pm.