Kaguwa Show Restaurant Excursions à Tokyo
Kaguwa Show Restaurant: This is a large scale new Japanese-style show restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo.
Enjoy one-of-a-kind spectacular performance and entertainment by Geisha, Samurai, Oiran, Courtesans, and Kimono!
Do not miss this popular entertainment show at Roppongi Kaguwa, which is a Japanese-style show restaurant with a record of overseas public performances.
You will certainly enjoy the fusion of contemporary show yet includes Japanese traditional dance performance by Oiran, Samurai, and performers dressed as Geisha in kimonos. This night show is going on every night in the center of Roppongi performances by Oiran-za at Kaguwa that is equipped with 180 seats.
At this "neo" Japanese stage performance that features the theme of Oiran by selected professional dancers and Japanese drag queens, you will enjoy an elegant dance performance by the action such as the hanging in midair and spectacular action performances.
*All-You-Can-Drink includes beer, shochu, whiskey, cola, ginger ale, lemon liqueur, oolong tea, orange juice
Meeting/pick-up point: 5-4-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Duration: 60mn.
Start/opening time: 7:30pm.
End/closing time: 9pm.
Min. Age: 6 years.
Max. Age: 80 years.
Others: Please note if you select Ticket with Drink + Snack, there is no meal included.



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