Naples tourist bus Excursions à Naples
Naples tourist bus: Discover all of the most famous landmarks in Naples, a singularly beautiful city that spills over the wondrous Bay of Naples. With a rich personality of its own, the quaint streets and fascinating districts of Naples are shadowed by the ominous presence of Mount Vesuvius, the active volcano that in ages past devoured the Roman city of Pompeii. Join this tour to see the life and joy that fill the streets of Naples despite its sinister bystander.
With the efficient bus network City Sightseeing Napoli, you can explore every corner of this culturally affluent city by three different bus routes. These twist and turn through the charismatic streets and take you to all of the most interesting sites. Delve into the colours, the flavours and the visual wonders of this city that once was home to the Bourbon kings.
The city is home to no less than four stunning castles, including the famous Norman Castel Nuovo and the ancient seaside silhouette of Castel dell’Ovo. Feel like you are driving through mediaeval ages as you glide by these foreboding defensive structures.
Other singularly magnificent sites include the world-renowned Cathedral of Naples, more commonly referred to as the Duomo, and the peculiar Church of Gesù Nuovo. On the streets, mix and mingle with the locals to absorb all the best Neapolitan hospitality. The bus tour is the ideal way to discover new neighbourhoods, where you can relish the local gastronomy – much more than just pizza!
Meeting/pick-up point: Piazza Municipio, Largo Castello, but you can hop on the bus at each stop.
Duration: The ticket is valid for 24 hours and bus Line A is for 75 minutes, Line B is for 75 minutes and Line C is for 115 minutes.
Languages: Commentary in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish.



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