Third Reich tour with private transport Excursions à Munich
Third Reich tour with private transport: Learn all about the Third Reich with this comprehensive tour of the places that where witnesses to its rise and fall. Adolf Hitler used to refer to Munich as the “Capital of the Movement, ” and with this tour it becomes clear why he thought so. Even today it is easy to appreciate the countless traces left by the terrible events that changed the lives of millions of people. Discover what roles were played by justice, propaganda, religion and even art during the early days of Nazism.
Some of the historical periods that will be covered during the day are the founding of Hitler’s party, the early attempt at a coup, the burning of books lead by Joseph Goebbels, the exhibition of the so-called “degenerate art, ”, the Night of Broken Glass and Hitler’s most important speeches.
This tour offers you the choice of either going from site to site by public transport or in privet car. The latter is more efficient, but the public transport experiences gives you a taste of what day to day life is like in Munich and gives you a chance to rub shoulders with the locals.
See the scenarios where these terrifying events took place and enter the courthouse where the regime’s opponents were judged. Other stops include buildings erected by the Nazis, such as the Haus der Kunst and the edifice that contained the Fuhrer’s office. Also visit the university where the Scholl siblings where discovered distributing propaganda and sentenced to death. This is a day for history and remembrance.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Pick up from the hotel.
Duration: Three hours.
Languages: Spanish.



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