III Reich Tour Excursions à Munich
III Reich Tour: Strolling through the elegant and prosperous streets of Munich today it’s almost impossible to believe that the seed of the greatest crime of all time was sown in the beer halls of the city. But as this informative tour reveals, there can be no escaping that Munich was the cradle of the Third Reich, or the ‘Capital of the Movement’ as Hitler proclaimed.
Many of the first monumental Nazi structures were built in Munich and despite the ravages of war and the subsequent denazification, which saw most of the Nazi legacy destroyed, the city still has a number of significant reminders of the era such as the Führerbau, the Hofbräuhaus and Feldherrnhalle, the Palace of Justice, the Haus der Kunst and Ludwig Maximilian University.
The Führerbau in the Briener Strasse was where Hitler had his office (today a musical college rehearsal room) and where the notorious Munich Agreement promising ‘peace in our time’ was signed. It was from here that the Nazis plotted their takeover of Germany.
Visit the Palace of Justice, where Nazi opponents such as pacifist siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl were tried, and admire the grandiose Haus der Kunst gallery, built by the Nazis on reaching power to display the finest in German art and contrast it with the concurrent Degenerate Art exhibition.
Explore the Ludwig Maximilian University, where during the Scholls’ White Rose movement disseminated anti-Nazi leaflets before being caught and executed. See also the bullet-scarred walls known as the Wounds of Remembering, a haunting reminder of the past.
Meeting/pick-up point: Karlsplatz (Stachus) door.
Start/opening time: At 10am.
End/closing time: 1pm.