Monterey Bay Aquarium Excursions à California Coast - CA
Monterey Bay Aquarium: Delve into the mysterious world of marine life with this exciting tour of Monterey Bay Aquarium. This site showcases the diverse creatures that inhabit the waters of Monterey Bay and beyond.
• Three story living kelp forest, a type of seaweed
• Two story sea otter exhibit
• A million gallons of indoor ocean filled with countless fish and sharks
Monterey Bay Aquarium is a site known throughout the whole world for its stunning exhibits and enormous indoor ocean. With this visit you will learn all about the fascinating species that live in the waters of this beautiful bay.
While wandering through the venue, make sure you don't miss its fabulous award-winning exhibits. Three entire floors are dedicated to nurturing a living kelp forest, a large and hypnotizing species of seaweed. Two more stories are filled with adorable sea otters. Marvel at these friendly creatures as they scuttle around an almost seamless reproduction of their natural environment. Last but not least is an indoor ocean containing no less than a million gallons of water, filled with giant tunas, ocean sunfish, sharks and many more aquatic critters.
Also in the Aquarium is the award-winning Splash Zone: Ocean Homes, a family gallery featuring nearly sixty live species. During your visit make sure you stop by the special exhibitions, the daily auditorium programs, and check out the feeding and training sessions. All in all, it is the perfect day out, be you with family or with friends.
Meeting/pick-up point: 886 Cannery Row.
Start/opening time: Daily at 10am.
-End/closing time: 5pm.
Languages: Visitor maps translated into Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.



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