East Cruise Catamaran Excursions à Maurice
East Cruise Catamaran: Enjoying a unique cruising experience on board of a catamaran is one of the must during your holidays. On the East Coast, the turquoise glimmer of the lagoon stretches out to the horizon. On this side of the island, the particularly wide reach of the lagoon allows for activities in quiet waters.
Time to answer the call of the ocean: by sailing across the south-east out in the lagoon, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters and snorkel among patches of stag horn coral, populated by minuscule fish and more odd-looking species, such as the elongated trumpet fish and the stunning coachmen, with its white dorsal fin. Visit the Grand River South East Waterfall.
Swim under the watchful eye of the Crew, who will equip you with a lifejacket or a lifebuoy if you should be uncomfortable in the water. Back on board, the barbecue grill gets going as lunch will be served shortly. . . and what a great lunch that is: fresh fish and chicken grilled to perfection and served with a selection of salads and a side of garlic bread. The scrumptious menu, attentive service of the crew and incomparable view gives a newfound meaning to the term paradise holiday.
After lunch, sail across to Ile aux Cerfs where one can enjoy free time at leisure. Around 15.00, the catamaran leaves the island. The day ends as beautifully as it starts: when the winds are favorable, the sails will be out as the catamaran is steered back to the mainland. Lay back with a last refreshing drink on the catamaran’s trampoline, sun-kissed and satisfied after a day full of unforgettable rejuvenating experiences. And take in the stunning beauty of the East Coast one last time before heading home.
Duration: 5.5 hours.
Start/opening time: 9am.



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