Zipline in the South Excursions à Maurice
Zipline in the South: A unique and exhilarating zip lines (Tyroliennes) excursion is the ideal activity for adventure and nature lovers and for those who have dreamnt of flying like a bird. You will get to discover the beautiful scenery of the “Rivière des Galets”, its banks and forests, and its numerous waterfalls hidden amidst banana plantations and sugar-cane fields.
The zip lines excursion involves a hint of trekking, bathing in clear waters and especially spectacular glides along zip lines; the longest of them is 250 meters long!Connected to zip lines you will fly over the river of “Rivière des Galets”, above trees and rocks, and discover the beautiful fauna, flora and landscapes of the rain forests of the south of Mauritius, doing so in the most original and exciting way. As part of this excursion you will get to experience a selection of as many as 7 zip lines in a total length of about 1.5km of zip lines cables. Each zip line, varying in length, height and speed offers you to discover a unique and different landscape. The smallest zip line measures 60 meters while the longest measures 250 meters.
The altitudes of the zip lines above the ground vary from 20 meters to 40 meters. This activity is ideal for families and offers a great time and entertainment for all. Children and adults are surprisingly taken by the excitement and adrenaline that comes naturally when you start flying for the first time. Along the trip there is a nice break by the river, where you can freshen up in the natural clear water pool, enjoy swimming in the river or under the waterfall and dive from the top of rocks into the natural pond. At the end of the excursion, you can enjoy a typical traditional Mauritian lunch at the beautiful restaurant located beside the river in a magical location.
Duration: 5-6 hours.



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