Accademia Gallery Montecatini Excursions à Montecatini
Accademia Gallery Montecatini: Visit the Accademia Gallery with our guides. Immerse yourself in Michelangelo’s art and enjoy his most famous work, the statue of David, and other important masterpieces. The young Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David in three years, starting from a huge block of rough marble.
The result was an absolutely beautiful, imposing sculpture, the real icon of the Renaissance ideal. He portrayed a magnificent nude young man in his full physical vigor, whose intense expression of force and courage, which stemmed from his absolute faith in God, was taken as a symbol of the power and invincibility of the Republic of Florence at the height of its splendor.
Meeting/pick-up point: Montecatini: Train Station. Train to Florence included, trains leave at 7.31 and 9.57 am. The tour starts from Florence, Accademy Gallery, Booked Tickets Entrance Gate at 11:15am
Duration: 1 hour.
Start/opening time: Accademia Gallery Montecatini at 11.15am. Journey time about 60 min. (from Montecatini train station to Florence train station)
Languages: English, german, french, and spanish.
Others: Train ticket from Montecatini to Florence included. Return Time: 12:15pm (Train ticket from Florence to Montecatini included).



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