Cola De Caballos tour Excursions à Monterrey
Cola De Caballos tour: Make the pilgrimage to Santiago in Nuevo Leon, a magical town just a 45-minute drive from Monterrey. Admire the beauty of a place that combines stunning natural scenery with colonial architecture and the style known as norestense, which is unique to this part of Mexico. Take part to its traditions and culture.
The main attraction of this tour is the beautiful Cola de Caballo (horse tail) Waterfall. This tour is a must if you plan a visit to Monterrey. Cola de Caballo is a single waterfall, 25 metres high, located in Sierra Madre Oriental. It gets its name from the shape, similar to horse tail. Upon entering Cola de Caballo Park you may choose either to walk or to ride a horse or even to ride a carriage.
Vegetation in the park is lush and you will be able to buy local artefacts from vendors along the path. Once there, you will find paths and steps that will allow you to admire the fall from different points of view and to get close enough as to get wet (be prepared). At the end of the trail there is a restaurant serving nice meals and starters; however you may also choose to sit at one of the picnic tables along the river and near the fall.
Santiago is located by a scenic reservoir, which adds to the town’s laidback character. See cobbled streets of pastel-coloured houses and squares with whitewashed churches in this quintessentially Mexican community.
Meeting/pick-up point: Collection from hotel.
Duration: Six to eight hours.
Start/opening time: 10am.
Languages: English and Spanish.



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