Canopy Tour Excursions à Monteverde
Canopy Tour: The visitors will be taken to the first platform to begin the tour. They will cross the forest canopy through three cable sections. Between the cable sections they will have to make short walks to go from one platform to the other. During one of these walks they will arrive at the exciting Tarzan Swing, where those with enough sense of adventure will enjoy the experience at its most. The tour consists of 15 cables with 18 platforms plus a Tarzan Swing. The tour is suitable for people from 4 years old and up. Restrictions for persons with weight excess may apply. This tour has a duration from 1 ½ to 3 hours.
Meeting/ pick-up point: Hotels in Monteverde, just not included in the Hotel Rancho Makena. Pick-up time: 08:30 am / 11:00 am – 1.00 pm / 2.30 pm
Duration: Between one-and-a-half and three hours.
Languages: Confirmed: English and Spanish.



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