The village festa Excursions à Malte
The village festa: Between June and September every village in Malta holds its main event of the year the ''village festa''. It is a mixture of folklore and religion and is held in honour of the patron saint of the village. This tour includes a guided explanation of the parish church which is especially decorated for this annual event. Then we offer you to match the climax of this festa, when the statue of the patron saint, which has been carried in procession during the evening, will be brought back to the church. The statue is accompanied by the village band while aerial fireworks are left off, thus bringing to an end to the week-long festivities. The village streets are decorated with banners, fairy lights and statues. This is also a good opportunity to meet and mix with the villagers celebrating the festa. It is an event not to be missed.
Meeting point: The tickets (with all the necessary information) will be delivered to the hotels of the guests at least 24 hours in advance. Approximately meeting time: between 5:45pm and 7pm.
Duration: Around 4 hours.
Others: Please note your booking will not be confirmed if you haven't provide your hotel name and address.

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