Museum-Refuge of the civil war Excursions à Murcie
Museum-Refuge of the civil war: Learn about one of the most tragic conflicts of the 20th century with this informative tour that will urge you to reflect on the repercussions of war and the need to co-exist in order to achieve a peaceful existence on the planet.
During the Civil War, Cartagena was one of the cities in Spain worst hit by bombing. The fact that the city was the Republican fleet's centre of operations made it a favourite target for the Italian and German air forces serving Franco.
To defend themselves against the bombing, which began in October 1936, the population organised the construction of a number of air-raid shelters. The Calle Gisbert shelter was one of the biggest shelters, holding around 5,500 people.
Explore the galleries in this shelter and get a glimpse of everyday life during the Spanish Civil War and see how people tried to protect themselves against the many air raids that devastated the city as you learn about the different types of shelters and the materials used to withstand the impact of bombs. You will also find chilling testimonies of those who suffered the consequences of this conflict and how it changed their lives. All of this is portrayed in a collection of original pictures from the Spanish Civil War taken from the Spanish Film Archive.
Finally, take a moment to reflect in the tranquillity of the last section of the museum, a peaceful environment which features interpretations of war and peace by children of the Civil War and today’s children.
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