The Hacienda Sotuta de Peon Excursions à Mérida - Yucatan
The Hacienda Sotuta de Peon: Time seems to have stood still in the beautiful hacienda of Sotuta de Peon. One feels like one has been transported back to the 19th century when the fibre henequen was cultivated right across the yucatan and sold all over the world. From the moment of your arrival you feel as though you are inside a real live functioning hacienda. The architecture has been conserved as has the steam-powered chimney, the storage room for the henequen and a Deauville railway network where the small carts of hennequen were pulled along by mules. It´s one of the few haciendas in Yucatan where hennequen is still produced.
The visitor is given a tour starting in the main homestead which covers the colonial furnishings, decoration and architecture. The next section of the tour takes the visitor to the machinery room where you can see the process of obtaining fibre from the leaves of hennequen in action. Later the tour goes on to the areas where the fiber is dried. In the corcheria the fiber is combed by a machine and is made into rope of varying thicknesses and finally into a hennequen fabric. A traditional mayan house is situated on a small rise surrounded by the fields of hennequen. Here, don Antonio Ucan, a local mayan man will tell the visitor about the life of the mayas and also explain the process of cultivating henequen. The tour also includes a visit to three different cenotes, the last of which guests can swim in.
Meeting/pick-up point: Central offices in Sotuta de Peon are located on 55th Street between 60 and 58 colony center.
Duration: 9 hours approx.
Start/opening time:
End/closing time: At 4pm.
Others: Recommend: Water, clothes and comfortable shoes (snickers), sunscreen, camera, hat, sunglasses and bug repellent.



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