Caves Loltun and Uxmal Excursions à Mérida - Yucatan
Caves Loltun and Uxmal: The Caves of Loltun are located 110km from the city of Mérida, they form part of the extensive cavernous system in the south of the Yucatan state and they are conditioned to be visited along of 2km. the paleontological evidence suggests that they were used as settlement in early periods (9,000 B. C. ) and later as ceremonial centers. In one of its cavities known as "Huechil" (armadillo in the Mayan language) remains of extinct fauna, bones of mammoth and bison were found among other discoveries that indicated a period of cold weather and vegetation very different from the current. The caverns of Yucatan full with stalactites and stalagmites, petro glyphs and ancient artifacts discovered inside, have many mysteries, secrets and amazing legends as well.
Uxmal known as “three times constructed”, is located on the hill region called in the Maya language “Puuc” these are elevations about 250 meters above sea level this breaks the flat lowland of the Yucatan state. It was the most important city of the “Puuc” region; it had over 35,000 inhabitants during its splendor (600 – 900 A. D. ). There are 15 groups of buildings covering about 2 square km; where we can see the Magician’s pyramid (35 meters height), the ball court, the Nunnery quadrangle, the great pyramid and the beautiful Palace of the Governor. Particular features mark the difference from other sites in the Mayan area, as the architectonical style and the disposition of the buildings built for the observation of astronomical phenomena, such as the movement of the planet Venus, they also built “chultunes” (artificial cisterns to store rain water) there are not sinkholes in this area).
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Duration: Approximately 10 hours.
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Others: Water, clothes and comfortable shoes (snickers), sunscreen, camera, hat, sunglasses and bug repellent. Operates daily.



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