Hangar 37 Theme Park Excursions à Grande Canarie
Hangar 37 Theme Park: Hangar 37 is the first theme park in Europe airsoft located in Gran Canaria. It offers a mode similar to paintball shots. Suitable for all ages and levels. If you are alone or are few people can go and we will get in touch with other players to make it more real and fun. Decorated spectacular that leave you with your mouth open the most demanding. Planes, trucks and countless locations to catch the enemy by surprise. Hangar 37 is an airsoft field for everyone: fans, children, professionals.
Airsoft is a type of game similar to paintball in which the arms (called replicas to be identical imitations of the real thing) shoot plastic balls of small diameter. Is very popular among people who try it for the experience is very similar to that experienced in the shooting games like Call of Duty or Battlefield but in real life.
It is included in the price of admission all full kit: uniform, vest, mask and replica G & G apart from three magazines of 120 balls each (total 360 balls). The boots are not included. It is recommended to bring suitable shoes. You can get extra magazines for just 2 euros per charger of 120 balls or 5 euros per charger of 360 balls
Start/opening time: 3pm from Tuesday to Friday and 10am on Saturday and Sunday.
End or closing time: Until evening.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Others: Children from 12 until 16 years old can go only Friday and Saturday from 3pm.



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